Where was Christmas Land filmed? See all Hallmark Locations

The Hallmark Channel original movie Christmas Land first premiered in 2015 and quickly become a holiday classic for families.

Starring Nikki DeLoach as Jules Daly and Lucas McFarlane as Tucker Barnes, Christmas Land tells the heartwarming story of a woman who inherits a Christmas tree farm. She initially plans to sell the farm, but she soon falls in love with the town and its people, and decides to keep it.

With its idyllic small-town setting decked out in twinkling lights and festive decorations, many fans of this feel-good film have wondered: where was Christmas Land filmed?

If the same question is bothering you then you have come at the right place. Here, we have covered all the filming locations that were used in the shooting of this classic holiday movie.

Where was Christmas Land filmed?

The majority of the movie was filmed in Farmington, Utah. Producers chose the state for its snowy winters and variety of beautiful natural backdrops.

Many of the scenes featuring Jules’ Christmas tree farm were shot on a real family-owned tree farm called Pioneer Christmas Tree Farm in Riverton, Utah. Nestled next to the Wasatch Mountains, this farm offered picture-perfect views of snow-dusted pine trees.

The most iconic Christmas Land filming location was the set constructed at Pioneer Village in Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington, Utah. This living museum features over 50 restored and reconstructed 19th-century buildings spread out over 42 acres. The producers transformed the Frontier Main Street into the magical downtown of Christmas Land, adding holiday decorations, lights, and fake snow.

Christmas Land filming locations
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Key scenes were filmed inside landmarks like the John Cooley House, built in 1852 and the oldest pioneer-era building at Pioneer Village. Other buildings featured included the Bishop’s Storehouse, the Drug Store, and the yellow Church & Schoolhouse. The charming Christmas Land gazebo where Jules and Tucker share a romantic kiss was also constructed on Frontier Street.

The final key filming location was Salt Lake City, which stood in for the bustling big city where Jules resides at the beginning of the movie. There are sweeping shots of downtown and the snow-capped Wasatch Mountains in the background. Street scenes were filmed along Regent Street and at City Creek Center. The same location has been featured in The Holiday Stocking, A Cozy Christmas Inn, Falling for Christmas, etc.

Behind the Scenes

In an interview, actress Nikki DeLoach revealed how magical it felt to film among the vintage buildings. “Everywhere you look it literally looks like a Christmas village. So everywhere I walked, everywhere I looked, I just felt like I was immersed in Christmas,” she said. This immersive atmosphere comes through on screen, transporting viewers to the whimsical small town.

Christmas Land Hallmark movie cast
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While Pioneer Village made up the downtown scenes, some residential neighborhood shots were filmed three miles away in the city of Kaysville, Utah. Your heart will melt to know that the local residents got into the Christmas spirit and decorated the exteriors of their homes with lights. The warm glow emanating from the houses after dark added to the cozy, nostalgic feel.

So while Christmas Land itself is a fictional town made up for the movie, the use of real locations in Utah helped make it feel like a real place viewers long to visit each holiday season. You can recreate some of the magic by visiting Pioneer Village and its historic buildings decked out in yuletide decor. The charm and natural beauty of Utah shines through at every filming location.

Cast of Christmas Land

The cast of Christmas Land Hallmark Movie is as follows:

  • Nikki Deloach as Jules Cooper
  • Luke Mcfarlane as Tucker Barnes
  • Jason-Shane Scott as Mitchell
  • Maureen McCormick as Glinda Stanwick
  • Chonda Pierce as Gretchen
  • Wes Wright as Uncle Frank
  • Cynthia Gibb as Elaine Nickerson
  • Richard Karn as Mason Richards
  • Annette Wright as Eloise
  • James Jamison as George
  • Michael Flynn as Robert Hobbs
  • Jarrod Phillips as Walter Hayes
  • Malinda Money as Local Reporter
  • Don Hudson as New York Reporter
  • Anika Hundley as Dana
  • Shayla McCaffrey as Young Jules
  • Preslee Squires as Tiffany
  • Samuel C Roche as Ryan

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