Monster High: The Movie 2022: Everything You Should Know

Monster High: The Movie is an upcoming musical fantasy film directed by Todd Holland for Mattel Television.

It stars Miia Harris in the lead role of of a werewolf named Clawdeen who arrives at her new high school and befriends two normal humans namely Frankie and Draculaura but something evil is going on inside the monster school.

The action adventure film is produced by Zack Olin, Marc Shaiman, and David Magee under Nicklodeon Productions, Mattel Television, and Brightlight Pictures.

Where was Monster High movie filmed?

Niclodeon’s live-action musical film was filmed inside Vancouver, British Columbia, and Los Angeles, California during November 2021. Principal filming began on 8 November 2021 and wrapped up on 14 December 2021 covering just five weeks.

Monster High filming locations

Since it is a fantasized movie, the whole filming was done within the studios under the green screens and outdoor filming was almost absent. The production team prepared a temporary setup to resemble with the monster school.

Most of the filming was done at Winston Studio located at 7588 Winston St, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada while the remaining scenes were filmed at a studio in Los Angeles, California inside the United States.

Some other movies and shows filmed in British Columbia are Lou, Falling for You, Wedding of a Lifetime, Dexter, Fly Away with Me, etc.

Who’s in the cast?

  • Miia Harris as Clawdeen Wolf
  • Ceci Balagot as Frankie Stein
  • Steve Valentine as Drácula
  • Nayah Damasen as Draculaura
  • Marci T. House as Bloodgood
  • Lilah Fitzgerald as Ghoulia
  • Jy Prishkulnik as Cleo De Nile
  • Mila Jones as Little girl
  • Justin Derickson as Heath Burns
  • Darian Mark as Classroom Dancer #7
  • Connor Wong as Classroom Dancer #5
  • Lina Lecompte as Lagoona Blue
  • Case Walker as Deuce Gorgon
  • Abbygale Chung as Dancer (as Abby Chung)
  • Scotch Ellis Loring
  • Autumn Thom as Dancer #9
  • Kyle Selig as Mr. Komos
  • Nasiv Sall as Abbey Bominable
  • Breyanna Oldham as Varsity Dancer #4
  • Sam Scherzer as Mummy / Student Dancer #8
  • Zavien Garrett as Classroom Dancer #2
  • Andrew Kyrzyk as Classroom Dancer #3
  • Milaina Chanel as Mummy / Student Dancer #6
  • Ajay Banks as Greigor
  • Allison Klause as Little Kid’s Mom
  • Dominique Mailloux as Student
  • Ajay Musodi as Varsity Dancer #1
  • Dreyden Free as Mummy Dancer

Is Monster High available on Netflix?

Unfortunately, the musical comedy film is not yet included in the huge content library of Netflix and that’s why you will not be able to stream the movie with a Netflix subscription but you can stream other similar musicals as Sing 2, Diana The Musical, Resort To Love, A Week Away, etc. on the same network.

Monster high movie on Netflix

Where can I watch the new Monster High movie 2022?

The new Monster High movie will be available for streaming on Paramount+ subscribers after its official premiere on 6 Oct 2022 inside the United States. The upcoming musical film will also premiere on Nicklodeon along with Paramount network on 6 October.

Paramount+ subscription costs around $4.99 per month and also provides a free 30-day trial if you are subscribing their service for the first time.

The network gives you an access to stream the unique special movies as Top Gun Maverick, Climax, The J Team, Jackass 4, Almost Famous, The Lost City, Shine a Light, etc.


The trailer for the movie has been released by NICK and is looking marvelous in terms of quality and plot twists. It reveals that the movie will be about a werewolf girl who finds herself in the new school with her best friends. The trailer also shows something strange happening with other students.


The musical film follows a depressed half borne human girl named Clawdeen Wolf who lands in her new high school in search of peace and friends. When her classmates Frankie and Dracultara become her friends quickly, she felt a bit overwhelmed and hides her identity as a half human.

But she has to reveal her true identity as a werewolf if she wants to won the hearts. Moreover, something evil is lurking in the dark as someone is planning to destroy the Monster School. Will Clawdeen be able to embrace her monster heart or the school will be demolished?

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