Merry Magic Christmas Filming Locations, Plot, Cast Details

Excited to visit Merry Magic Christmas filming locations? Then, make sure to add Vancouver in your bucket list. This charming Canadian city has become a magnet for holiday filmmakers, and for good reason!

When it comes to capturing the magic of Christmas on screen, few places do it quite like Vancouver. Imagine strolling through a winter wonderland, snowflakes swirling in the air, and every corner adorned with twinkling lights and festive cheer.

That’s exactly what Vancouver offers, even in the early spring months when “Merry Magic Christmas” was filmed. The city transforms effortlessly into a Christmas wonderland, with a little help from some well-placed fake snow and festive decorations.

Where was Merry Magic Christmas filmed?

Merry Magic Christmas was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada during spring 2023. Several pivotal scenes were filmed in and around metro Vancouver. The area’s diverse architecture and neighborhoods provide options to suit various script needs.

Merry Magic Christmas filming locations
Courtsey of Lifetime

Plus, Vancouver’s first-rate production facilities and seasoned film professionals make filming efficient. Though filming took place in the spring (March-April), the production team worked some serious holiday hocus pocus to bring December magic to life.

The assistant director, Andrew Suttar posted an amazing pic on his social media with director Aubrey, DOP Diego, and cinematographer Raivo, after the shooting wrapped on 6th of April. He wrote, ‘We have recently finished a project.’

The sweet child actress, Mela also posted a bts pic on her Instagram to confirm that the shooting was completed.

Vancouver, British Columbia

While specific locations remain under wraps, it’s safe to say that Vancouver’s diverse neighborhoods, picturesque streets, and undeniable holiday spirit provided the perfect backdrop for “Merry Magic Christmas.”

Whether it’s a quaint coffee shop adorned with fairy lights or a majestic park transformed into a snowy wonderland, Vancouver has the magic touch when it comes to crafting cinematic Christmas moments. Haven posted three lovely pics of her on the set after completing the project.

With its stunning locales, picturesque mountain backdrops, charming neighborhoods, and experienced production crews, Vancouver offers moviemakers an ideal seasonal setting to capture the Christmas spirit on camera.

The city will likely continue spreading seasonal joy onscreen for holiday-lovers for years to come. Some of the recent holiday movies that were filmed in the same province of Canada includes Friends & Family Christmas, Sealed with a List, Heaven Down Here, and Christmas with a Chalet.

Behind The Scenes

Mela shared a few bts photos on her Instagram saying, she had so much fun with the incredible cast and the most amazing director Aubrey Arnason and writer Brian Ruberry.

Juliette Hawk also shared some heartwarming pics on her Instagram while talking about her wonderful shooting experience with Reel One Entertainement.

Merry Magic Christmas Cast

Patricia Isaac as Beth McKay

Patricia is a Canadian actress known for her roles in series like The Good Doctor, Republic of Doyle, Little Dogm and Supergirl, The Magicians and the Dog (2022 film). She is starring as a financial advisor named Beth, who starts seeing a recurring 624 wherever she goes.

Andrew Dunbar as Nate Matthews

Dunbar is starring as the director of a struggling theater company. He is famous for his role of Aaron in Fire Country, Taking a shot at love, Matchmaker Mysteries, Love Under the Olive Tree, The Attraction Test, and Fall Back Down.

Other cast members of Merry Magic Christmas includes:

  • Corey Woods as Coley
  • Aadila Dosani as Kat
  • Mela Pietropaolo as Riley
  • Jeff Gonek as Phil
  • Micah Chen as Sam
  • Haven Gin as Alexis
  • Ethel Pitchford as Joyce

What is the plot?

Beth, a numbers whiz with zero holiday cheer, keeps bumping into the mysterious number 624. It pops up everywhere – coffee shop receipts, street signs, even Christmas cookies!

Could it be a sign from a Christmas angel, as her sister insists? Bah humbug! Beth thinks it’s just a statistical hiccup.

Patricia Issac as Beth McKay in Merry Magic Christmas
Courtsey of Lifetime

But when she’s tasked with saving the local theater (a place that holds a special spark for her niece), Beth reluctantly teams up with Nate, the theater’s charming, artsy director.

As they navigate spreadsheets and stage lights, Beth starts to see the magic in music, the twinkle in fairy lights, and maybe even a little bit of 624 in Nate’s kind eyes.

Will Beth find the Christmas magic hidden in plain sight, save the theater, and maybe even discover a love story sweeter than eggnog?

Where to watch Merry Magic Christmas?

Merry Magic Christmas premiered on Dec 17, 2023 on Lifetime Channel inside the United States and now, it is available to stream on-demand via Lifetime App.

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