Is Woodbridge movie on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video?

Woodbridge is a 2024 American coming-of-age thriller film directed, written, and produced by Stephen Meier. It stars Jackson Passaglia, Carrington Bornstein, Noah Crider, and Joy Richardson in the lead roles.

The independent drama film is made by a group of upcoming filmmakers and explore themes of friendship, courage, and facing your fears. Though, the movie was shot in California, no fancy Hollywood studio was used for filming.

But still, the quality of this thriller looks premium. Another thrilling part about the plot of this film is that, it is based on true events that happened in real life. That’s why, fans are going crazy over its streaming.

Is Woodbridge on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video?

Unfortunately, Woodbridge isn’t currently available on any major streaming platform like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video because they haven’t purchased the distribution rights for the film.

Woodbridge movie Netflix hulu or amazon prime

These big streaming services tend to focus on established movies and shows, while Woodbridge is a hidden gem from the world of independent cinema, this won’t be available for streaming on them. So, If you want to watch the film, you have to find it on another platform.

Where to watch Woodbridge movie?

Woodbridge movie is currently available to stream on-demand on Kinema. They’re offering the film from April 1st until April 12th, so you have a limited window to stream it.

Woodbridge movie where to watch online free
Courtsey of Kinema

Once you start watching, you’ll have 48 hours to finish the movie, as per the offical website of Kinema. So, make sure to finish it on time otherwise you will regret it.

What is Kinema?

Kinema is an on-demand platform, dedicated to stream independent movies. This usually provides a space for those feature films, which are not picked up by major studios.

Unlike other streaming networks, that offer a free-trial to their first time subscribers, Kinema doesn’t offer any such trial for their subscribers.

Other Streaming Options

Right now, Kinema is the only network to stream the movie, but considering its popularity, the creators might consider releasing it on VOD platforms like iTunes, Google Play, VUDU, and Amazon.

Other famous movies and TV shows that are recently added on VOD platforms includes, Lessons in Chemistry, In a Violent Nature, Proximity, Not Easily Broken, Stylebender, etc.

About Woodbridge

Sets in a small town in Southern California in 1988, the movie is about four teenagers, who decide to take a stand against their bully.

Sneaking out one night, they embark on a journey across town to confront him. But little do they know, this encounter will change their lives forever.

The details of what happens that night remain a mystery, but it’s clear this experience will push them to grow and face the consequences of their actions. See trailer for more info.

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