Is Proximity movie on Netflix? Where to Watch Proximity now?

Proximity is a 2020 American sci-fi drama film directed by Eric Demeusy in his directorial debut and the screenplay is written by Eric Demeusy, the same man.

Set in 1979, the movie follows a young NASA JPL scientist, who is abducted by a group of aliens from Alaska, but no one believes in his story. So, he becomes obsessed with finding proof, and this leads him on a journey of discovery.

The film was produced by Eric’s Demeusy Pictures and executive produced by DC Young Fly, Lil Duval, and Karlous Miller whereas the distribution rights are owned by Shout! Studios. So, the question is, where is the drama streaming now?

Is Proximity movie on Netflix?

No, Proximity is not available for streaming on Netflix right now but you can watch a lot of similar sci-fi drama films like Spaceman, Extinction, Stowaway, Interstellar (Interstellar 2 is also awaited), The Platform, Synchronic, Cold Meat, Inception, Awake, Space Sweepers, etc.

Is Proximity movie on Netflix

Does Amazon Prime have Proximity (2020) movie?

Unfortunately, Proximity is not included in the regular subscription of Amazon Prime Video, but the movie has been added in the VOD section, where you can rent or purchase this film for some time.

Does Amazon Prime have Proximity (2020) movie

Though, the film is not available to stream on Prime Video, you can still access it from the on-demand section by paying a fixed price.

Moreover, you can stream several other popular films on the Bezos network like Oblivion, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Dune 2, Predestination, Maggie, Watchmen, The Prestige, Killers of the Flower Moon, Arrival, Hidden, Gravity, Vanilla Sky, Team Bride, M3GAN, Prometheus, Mortal Kombat, Indigo Girls, Source Code, Hypnotic, Divergent, etc.

Where to watch Proximity movie 2020?

Proximity is currently streaming for FREE on Plex, Freevee, TUBI, and Shout! App inside the United States. The movie is currently available for streaming, and in digital format.

Where can I watch Proximity movie
Image: Courtsey of Shout! Studios

When will Proximity DVD/Blu-ray be released?

You can also purchase physical copies of the movie from Shout Factory, and add to your home collection. The Blu-ray costs $17.99* and DVD costs $13.98* right now.

As you know, digital copies purchased on the studio website also include access to exclusive bonus features like behind-the-scenes footage and cast interviews, it will be a great experience.

Meet the Cast of Proximity

  • Ryan Masson as Isaac
  • Christian Prentice as Zed
  • Highdee Kuan as Sara
  • Randy Davison as Dr. Kozlov
  • Don Scribner as Carl
  • Sarah Navratil
  • Shaw Jones as Agent Graves

What is Proximity about?

In 1979, lumberjack Carl was abducted by aliens in Alaska. Present day, Isaac’s alien encounter goes viral after capturing it on video.

He meets Sara who had a similar experience. Arrested by a shady government agency, they escape with help from hacker Zed. They locate Carl who reveals the aliens will arrive in British Columbia soon.

At the alien rendezvous, Carl and Sara are shot but the aliens save them, unlocking Isaac’s powers. They flee in a UFO. Months later, Isaac and Sara live normally, while Zed and Carl run a science program, and the government agent is fired.


Proximity starts out really cool and exciting, but then gets super confusing. That’s why, the film has received poor reviews from critics as 4.8 rating on IMDb, 38% score on Rotten Tomatoes, and 38% on Metacritic.

In the beginning, it grabs your attention when a lumberjack gets taken by aliens way back in 1979.

Then in present day, an ordinary guy named Isaac has a crazy encounter with a UFO that he catches on video.

At first, the mystery of what happened to Isaac and the shady government agents trying to cover it up is really interesting.

Proximity movie featuring Shaw Jones as agent graves with cops
Image: Courtsey of Shout! Studios

But then the movie throws in way too many new characters and story lines that don’t make any sense. There’s this totally random part about the aliens studying Jesus Christ that comes out of nowhere.

Even though the plot gets messy, the movie has some cool-looking alien designs. And for a low budget film, the visual effects aren’t too bad.

So if you like cheesy B-movies about aliens, Proximity is still kind of fun in a silly way. Just don’t expect it to be the next big, mindblowing sci-fi hit movie. It has too many dumb parts that will make you shake your head.

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