Where to watch Stylebender documentary? Is it on Netflix?

Stylebender is a 2023 documentary film, directed and co-written by Zoe McIntosh with Tom Blackwell and Brendan Donovan.

Based on the life of a professional MMA kickboxer Israel Adesanya, the film is the sixth major release from director McIntosh, who made her directorial debut in 2019.

The film is from FluroBlack and distributed by William Morris Entertainment (USA) and Mister Smith Entertainment (worldwide).

Let’s look the networks where you can stream the film right now.

Is Stylebender available on Netflix?

Sadly, Stylebender is not currently streaming on Netflix. The popular streaming service does have some great sports documentary content, including recent releases like Naor Gracias seminal climbing film “Free Soloist”, but it has not secured the rights to Adensanya’s documentary as of now.

stylebender documentary netflix

Is Stylebender on Amazon Prime Video?

Unfortunately, the film is not available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video right now. The Bezos network does offer some excellent MMA and combat sports programming like the Glory Kickboxing events and UFC fight replays, but Adesanya’s documentary has not made its way to Prime Video yet.

However, you can watch other sports drama films on Amazon Prime like Kurt Warner movie, Warrior, Cruel Instruction, Undisputed, Fight Club, Never Back Down, Space Jam 2, The Wrestler, Da Partments, Million Dollar Baby, etc.

Is Adesanya documentary on Hulu or Disney+?

Currently, neither Hulu nor Disney+ offer the movie for streaming. Even though these platforms have been investing heavily in documentary content recently, they have not yet secured the rights to this specific film about Adesanya’s inspiring journey.

Where Can I Stream Stylebender?

As of now, the only streaming option for watching Stylebender is through renting or purchasing the film digitally on-demand. It is available to rent for a 48-hour viewing period on platforms like:

  • Apple TV/iTunes
  • Amazon Video
  • Vudu
  • YouTube
  • Google Play

Who is Israel Adesanya?

Adesanya is a 33-year-old (born July 22, 1989) Nigerian-born New Zealand professional mixed martial artist known for his entertaining striking style and persona. He is the current UFC Middleweight Champion.

Who is Israel Adesanya

His confident personality and ability to stay calm under pressure have served him well. His provocative dances and trash talk before fights build excitement. But he backs it up with his skills, using feints, head movement, and pinpoint accurate strikes.

The charismatic Nigerian is 23-1 in MMA, with his lone loss coming in a failed bid to become a double champion at light heavyweight. His height and diverse striking make him a nightmare matchup.

Outside the cage, Adesanya is an anime superfan who has walked out to the arena dressed as characters. He is also an avid gamer and breakdancer who brings a fun, flashy style to the UFC’s middleweight division.

The new documentary “Stylebender” chronicles his remarkable journey so far.

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