Where to Watch Lady Ballers? Is the movie on Netflix or Amazon Prime?

Lady Ballers is a 2023 sports comedy film directed and co-written by Jeremy Boreing that follows a down-on-his-luck former high school basketball coach named Rob.

In an attempt to reclaim his past glory, Coach Rob challenges his former team to pose as women and dominate multiple sports.

The outrageous premise sets the stage for plenty of hilarious antics as Coach Rob and his team stop at nothing to prove themselves, often resorting to ridiculous lengths.

With a talented cast featuring director Boreing himself alongside Daniel Considine, Jake Crain, David Cone, and Blain Crain, Lady Ballers promises non-stop entertainment and big laughs.

Where to Watch Lady Ballers online?

The exclusive streaming home for Lady Ballers is Daily Wire+, the streaming service from conservative media company The Daily Wire.

Where to watch Lady Ballers movie online
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To watch the movie, you’ll need to subscribe to Daily Wire+ by choosing either their monthly “Insider” plan for $6.50/month or the premium “All Access” plan for $10.50/month.

Moreover, you can stream other Daily Wire originals as The Greatest Lie Ever Sold, The Ben Shapiro show, Jordan Peterson’s Exodus, What is a Woman?, Convicting a Muderer, Run Hide Fight, etc.

How to watch Lady Ballers without Daily Wire+?

Unfortunately, Lady Ballers is not currently available on popular streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, or even Hulu.

So if you’re looking to watch the outrageous comed and see how Coach Rob whip his team into shape, Daily Wire+ is the only place you can stream this brand new release.

With a subscription, you’ll be able to enjoy Boreing’s latest comedic entry along with The Daily Wire’s full slate of original entertainment.


While comedy can be a powerful tool to highlight societal issues, “Lady Ballers” fails miserably in its attempt.

Rather than provide thoughtful satire, the film relies on tired transphobic tropes and stereotypes. It demeans both transgender people and women athletes through its mean-spirited premise.

Lady Ballers movie featuring Jeremy Boreing as coach Bob
Courtsey of The Daily Wire

The film mocks the legitimacy of transgender identities and perpetuates the unfounded myth that allowing trans women to compete with cisgender women in sports is unfair.

However, research does not support this claim. Trans women who meet sport governing body requirements regarding transition do not have inherent performance advantages.

Additionally, the movie derides women’s sports as an easy playing field ripe for male athlete domination. This fundamentally disrespects female athletes and the skill, dedication and strength required for women’s competitions.

Perhaps most egregiously, “Lady Ballers” attacks already marginalized groups instead of punching up at those in power. Good satire exposes societal hypocrisy; bad satire simply attacks minority groups. This film falls decisively in the latter camp.

While the film attempts to hide behind a guise of comedy, there is a fine line between humor and harm. Dehumanizing parody encourages discrimination rather than thoughtful discussion.

No matter one’s views on complex issues regarding gender and sport, “Lady Ballers” fails to further the conversation in any constructive way. Its one-dimensional stereotyping serves only to demean.

Lakshya Kaushik

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