Where to watch Lady Ballers? Is trans comedy on Netflix?

The release of Lady Ballers has sparked renewed debate about transgender athletes and their place in sports.

While some argue that these films are simply comedies and should not be taken seriously, others are alleging the creators that they contribute to a harmful climate of intolerance and discrimination against transgender people.

The film has been accused of being misogynistic and transphobic, and its trailer has been widely panned on social media. Despite the debate and criticism, the movie has been released on December 1, 2023.

About Lady Ballers

Directed and co-written by Jeremy Boreing, the sports comedy movie follows the story of a high school basketball coach, who recruits his old washed-up teammates to compete in a women’s basketball league, disguised as transgender women.

Lady Ballers movie featuring Jeremy Boreing as coach Bob
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The film’s trailer suggests that the coach and his team believe that they can easily dominate women’s sports due to their physical advantages as men and this premise has been widely condemned by the critics because it’s a mockery of transgender athletes.

But as we talked earlier, it’s just a film and we don’t need to take that seriously. We know that everyone is special in their own way, and one should be treated equally without any discrimination. The world needs all kind of people, and that’s it. That’s how society works.

Official Trailer

The nearly three-minute-long trailer follows the story of a high school basketball coach who encourages his male students to identify as trans women in order to participate in women’s sports.

Where to Watch Lady Ballers?

‘Lady Ballers’ is available to stream exclusively on The Daily Wire+ inside the United States. You will need a subscription to watch the full movie.

The Daily Wire+ is a subscription streaming service that offers exclusive content from The Daily Wire, including original documentaries, TV shows, and podcasts.

Some of their popular movies are What is a Woman, Logos & Literacy, and The Greatest Lie Ever Sold, all of them are covered in the Daily Wire+ subscription.

What is a Woman?

In contrast to “Lady Ballers,” the documentary “What is a Woman?” is a thoughtful and respectful exploration of gender identity.

The docufilm features interviews with a variety of experts and transgender people, and it does a good job of explaining the complex issues surrounding gender identity.

Is ‘Lady Ballers’ on Netflix?

No, the comedy movie is not available to stream on Netflix. As an exclusive Daily Wire production, it is currently only on their proprietary streaming service. There is a possibility it could be picked up by Netflix in the future but for now, the comedy is only on The Daily Wire+ in US.

Lady Ballers Netflix

Is Lady Ballers on Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video users will be diasppointed to learn that the transphobic film isn’t covered in their regular Prime Video subscription. Even though, most films are available for purchase on-demand in Amazon library but this conservative made film is not yet introduced on Amazon.

Is Jeremy Boreing movie on Hulu?

No, the film is not currently available to stream on Hulu because it isn’t included with a Hulu subscription. Like Netflix, there is a chance Hulu could acquire streaming rights in the future as demand for the movie grows but right now, we are empty handed at Hulu.

Why is so much negativity spreading about Lady Ballers?

The film is based on the false idea that trans women are not real women and they have an unfair advantage in sports but in reality, trans women face a number of barriers to participating in sports, including discrimination, harassment, and violence.

Lady Ballers movie streaming
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In recent years, there have been a number of high-profile cases of trans athletes being banned from competing in sports that match their gender identity.

The release of “Lady Ballers” is likely to further fuel the debate about trans athletes and their participation in sports. However, it is important to remember that trans women are also human, and they deserve the same rights and opportunities as any other human.

Again, the film is just a satire and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Just enjoy it, the way it is.

Lakshya Kaushik

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