Is Finch Movie on Netflix or Amazon Prime? Where to stream Finch?

Finch Movie is an American sci-fi drama film starring Tom Hanks and Caleb Landry Jones, the movie has been written and produced by Craig Luck and Ivor Powell along with some other producers. The story sets in a post apocalyptic world where only a single human is remaining and now he is facing his own mortality.

So, he decides to invent a robot to keep his lovely dog safe even after in his absence and the best part is, the robot has to turned itself into a human to pass the test of his master. Finch movie is about hope and love towards a human and an animal, the whole plot is about the adventure of a person, his dog, and a robot. But where can you watch Tom Hanks’s new movie online?

Is Finch available on Netflix?

No, Finch movie is not streaming in the giant library of Netflix right now and is not expected to land on the platform in the future. However, there are some similar post-apocalyptic movies that you can watch on Netflix like BirdBox, How it Ends, Day of the Dead, etc.

Finch movie Netflix

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Does Amazon Prime have Tom Hanks new movie?

No, the apocalyptic drama is not available to stream on Prime Video for its subscribers. Neither it is streaming on the streaming service nor it is available in the VOD section where you can rent or purchase it. You can watch Light of My Life, Train to Busan, I am Legend, War of the Worlds, etc.

Where to watch Finch movie?

Finch is exclusively streaming on the Apple TV+ since its release on 5 Nov 2021. Apple TV+ has bought the movie rights and now it is streaming on the same platform for its subscribers. The film was planned to release in US cinemas on 2 Oct 2020 but it was delayed several times due to Covid-19 pandemic and finally it was sold to Apple TV plus.

About Finch Movie

An avid inventor is forced to live in an underground bunker when unexpected solar events were destroying humanity around the Earth. He realized that he is also affected with the unnatural disturbances and has to do something for his lifelong friend. So, he invents a robot to take care of his dog, Goodyear. The inventor teaches his robot every human emotion and even the importance of life so that he can learn why he loves his dog so much. In their perilous journey, the robot also learns about love and friendship and defines what it feels like to be a real human being.

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