Connected Through Blood movie Streaming, TUBI Release Date

Connected Through Blood is a 2023 drama movie directed by Kamal Smith, written and executive produced by Makeiva Albritten.

Makeiva has starred in many films but this is the first film produced by her and that’s why, her fans are excited to see her debut in her own feature film.

But the problem, where will you watch this film? We have covered the streaming options for you, and the best part is, the movie is available to stream for FREE.

Is Connected Through Blood movie on Netflix?

No, the film is not streaming on Netflix right now because the streaming giant doesn’t hold the rights to stream this crime drama film.

Connected Through Blood Netflix

However, there are many crime drama films that you can watch with your Netflix subscription like Us (2019), The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019), Fences (2016), Marshall (2017), Chris Rock Selective Outrage (2023), Concrete Cowboy (2020), Dolemite is My Name (2019), etc.

Connected Through Blood Release Date

The movie premiered on November 17th Nov 2023 in Detroit, Michigan at the Bel Air Theatre.

Connected Through Blood movie scene featuring Makeiva Albritten wearing a grey towel only
Courtsey of Makeiva Britten

Where can I watch Connected Through Blood movie?

The movie “Connected Through Blood” is currently streaming on TUBI for FREE inside the United States. No need to break the piggy bank or cast any spells. Just grab your popcorn and head over to or download the app to watch the crime drama film.

Remember, Tubi might have ads here and there, but they’re usually pretty short. Think of them as quick brain breaks to give your detective mind a chance to piece together the clues before the next blood-pumping scene!

Also, you can rent or buy the movie on Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV, or even snag a physical copy on DVD. Just remember, these options usually involve cracking open your piggy bank, unlike the free Tubi, that allows streaming of countless movies and shows for free like Bound By Blood, The Simp, Killer Zaddy, etc.

Official Trailer

In the trailer, a man can be seen forcing Makeiva to get on the bed while she resists. Keiva seems frustrated with the regular assault by the man and she also discuss the matter with her friend.

King James point a gun towards that assaulter in order to safe Keiva and seems like, he’s somehow related with her in the past, maybe through blood.


This movie follows a group of friends who discover they’re connected in a way they never imagined – through their blood! It’s a mix of mystery, suspense, and even a touch of the supernatural.


Makeiva Albritten and King James are starring in the lead roles.

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