The Simp Movie Where to watch online? Tubi Release Date

The Simp is a 2023 American comedy drama movie, directed by Keith Rice and produced by AngelTouch Productions.

With Quentin A Minor and Albritten Makeiva in the lead roles, the movie follows an educated and nerdy young man named Monty, who is passionate about intellectual pursuits.

He makes an online connection with a selfish woman Amber, who manipulates and exploits Monty for her personal gains. The nerd has chose a path, that he never intended to pick.

Will he ever come out from this marsh of crime? To know the climax, you need to watch the full movie. Let’s look at the streaming options.

Is The Simp movie on Netflix?

No, the crime drama film is not streaming on Netflix right now because the film has been produced under AngelTouch Productions and the distribution rights are owned by some other network.

The Simp Netflix

However, there are several other similar movies like Emily The Criminal, The Guilty, Pain Hustlers, The Shift The Pale Blue Eye, The Unforgivable, The Irishman, Rewind 2023, Luckiest Girl Alive, Cam, Sicario 3, The Killer, Prisoners, Confessions, Extremely Wicked, etc. that you can watch with your Netflix subscription.

Is Simp (2023) on Amazon Prime Video?

Just like Netflix, the crime drama film isn’t streaming for Prime Video subscribers inside US or UK, but there are many similar movies that you can watch with your Prime Video subscription.

Is The Simp on Amazon Prime

Some of the notable names include Anatomy of a Fall, Sound of Freedom, Don’t Worry Darling, True Story, Breaking, You were never really here, The Silencing, The Outfit, Dark Crimes, The Little Things, Marlowe, Zodiac, etc.

Who’s in the cast of The Simp?

  • Quentin A Minor as Monty ‘Lamont’
  • Albritten Makeiva as Amber
  • James ‘King James’ Perkins as Sean
  • Denzell Dandridge as Dookie
  • Crystal The Doll as Tonya
  • MC Dixon Ogwo Jr. as DJ
  • Carmen Mi’chelle Carmen Mi’chelle
  • Leila Garza Stockwell as Mrs. Lopez
  • Cecily Gooden as Prostitute

Where to watch The Simp 2023 movie?

The Simp movie premiered on 11 November 2023 at the Bel Air movie theatre in Detroit, Michigan inside the United States, and is not currently available for streaming anywhere.

It will be released on TUBI for Free in the future like DA Partments movie, but an exact release date is not known yet. Hopefully, we will be able to see the film on TUBI soon.

If you want to watch the movie right now, you can rent it for $2.99 or purchase it for $7.99 from SDMFlix, a lesser known American streaming network.

The network offers a wide variety of movies, TV shows, podcasts, and live conversations, exclusively for their American subscribers.

So, if you want to watch SIMP movie, you can either wait for the time until it arrives on TUBI, or grab your wallet and spend some cash.

Movies like The Simp (2023)

Though, The Simp movie isn’t streaming anywhere, you can still watch these movies on TUBI:

Obsessed (2009)

This psychological thriller delves into the dangers of an obsessed fan, with Beyonce delivering a powerful performance.

Obsessed film is similar to The Simp 2023 movie as it's a black romantic drama where a woman starts using another man for her personal gains
Courtsey of TUBI

Unfriended (2014)

A group of friends are terrorized by a mysterious online presence during a video chat. This found-footage thriller keeps you guessing until the shocking climax.

Nerve (2016)

A high schooler finds herself caught up in a dangerous online game with real-world consequences.

Ingrid Goes West (2017)

An obsessed fan stalks her social media idol across Los Angeles, leading to hilarious and cringe-worthy situations. This dark comedy satirizes the influencer culture.

Searching (2018)

A father desperately searches for his missing teenage daughter through her digital footprint, uncovering a web of secrets and lies.

What is the movie about?

This film tells the story of Monty, an intellectual and nerdy young man, who falls for the manipulative and deceptive Amber online. As their relationship progresses, Amber exploits Monty for her own personal gain.

The Simp Release Date on TUBI

The movie was released in theaters on November 5, 2023 in the Bel Air theater, and will soon be available on the streaming platform TUBI.

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