Is Confessions Movie on Netflix? Where to watch 2010 movie?

The 2010 Japanese psychological thriller film Confessions is getting popular after a scene went viral on social media, featuring Yuko giving HIV-contaminated milk cartons to her students, who murdered her four-year old daughter Manami.

Tetsuya Nakashima has directed the film from his own scripts, and the story of thriller is based on a Japanese novel ‘Kokuhaku‘ by Kanae Minato.

With Takako Matsu as the lead, the film was originally released in 2010 inside Japanese cinemas. It was a commercial success and was awarded Best Picture at the 34th Japan Academy Prize.

Is Confessions on Netflix?

Unfortunately, the award-winning Japanese film is not available for streaming on Netflix right now, but there are several good psychological thriller films that you can watch with your Netflix subscription.

Some of the best ones include, Locked In (2023), Fever Dream (2021), Spiderhead (2022), The Devil All the Time (2020), The Woman in the Window (2021), Luckiest Girl Alive (2022), Intrusion (2021), I’m Thinking of Ending Things (2020), Black Crab (2022), and Fractured (2019).

Is Confessions on Amazon Prime Video?

No, the mind blowing psychological thriller movie isn’t included in the regular Prime Video offerings and you will not be stream it even if you are having a Prime Video subscription right now. So, what should you do? Find another streaming network.

Is Confessions on Prime Video

You can also watch the following movies with your Amazon Prime subscription, if you haven’t watched them yet: The Girl on the Train (2016), You were Never Really Here (2017), Door Lock (2018), The Gift (2015), Alice Darling (2022), Swallow (2019), Gone Girl (2014), Inside (2023) and The Nest (2020).

Where to watch Confessions?

Currently, there is no way to stream Confessions movie in US because no American streaming platform has purchased the distribution rights for the film. Since nobody has licensed the film in the US and even UK, there is no way to watch it.

Confessions movie where to watch
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Neither the film is available for streaming online, nor it has been added on VOD platforms like Amazon, VUDU, Apple TV, Microsoft Store, and Google Play.

Now, if you’re thinking of purchasing a DVD or Blu-ray then you will be disappointed to learn that the physical copy of the movie is also not accessible outside Japan.

About Confessions

Ms. Yuka is a teacher, whose little girl tragically dies. Super sad, right? But then, guess what? She learns some mean classmates bullied her daughter. Not just bullies, but maybe even… murdered her!

Ms. Yuka’s heart breaks into a million pieces. Grief turns into anger, a volcano ready to erupt. In a super shocking way, she decides to take revenge on the students. Not with fists, but with words. She confesses a fake crime in front of the whole school, blaming the bullies and planting clues!

The story twists and turns like a rollercoaster. Was Ms. Yuka’s plan genius or crazy? Did the guilty kids confess the real truth? Was justice served, or did darkness win? You’ll have to watch to find out!


Picture a teacher, heartbroken after her daughter’s death. Turns out, the students did it! But instead of calling the cops, she unleashes a twisted revenge plan that’ll leave you gasping.

Just when you think you know what’s happening, BAM! The movie throws another curveball. It’s a puzzle box of secrets, lies, and dark desires that keeps you guessing till the very end.

This ain’t your fluffy rom-com. It’s dark, disturbing, and explores the depths of human cruelty. Be prepared for some shocking scenes and uncomfortable truths.

Beyond the thrills, “Confessions” tackles complex themes like bullying, parental grief, and the justice system. It’s a thought-provoking film that’ll stay with you long after the credits roll.

Some redditors believe that the film is an underrated gem.

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