Black Crab Movie Cast 2022, Netflix Cast, Review, Filming Locations

Black Crab is a 2022 Swedish thriller film directed and co-written by Adam Berg with Pelle Radstrom. Based on the novel of the same name written by Jerker Virdborg, the story that sets in a post-apocalyptic world where six soldiers including Caroline Edh(Noomi Rapace) are on a covert mission and are assigned to carry a mysterious package across a frozen archipelago. The film is rated 5.5/10 on IMDb with 69% freshness on Rotten Tomatoes since its release on Netflix.

Black Crab Movie Release Date and Time

First premiered on 3 February 2022 on Gothenburg Film Festival, the movie is set to release on 18 March 2022 on the original streaming network Netflix throughout the world. Also known as Cangrejo Negro, Svart krabba, Caranguejo Negro, Svart krabba, and Operation Schwarze Krabbe worldwide.

Where was Black Crab filmed?

Black Crab movie was filmed inside Stockholm, Sweden during 2021. The filming began in Jan 2021 and wrapped up on 4 April 2021. Norrbotten Country covers a large portion of the country’s landmass with densely populated regions. Some scenes take place at Kiruna, the northernmost town of Sweden.

Black Crab filming locations

A couple of scenes were also filmed in the “Bahnhof” server storage cave, most famous for being the wiki leaks server’s base.

Both the regions, Stockholm and Norrbotten country are covered with snow, so the natural snow was used instead of artificial ice that Canadian movie uses in the month of July. Even though, Sweden is a less popular filming location, a popular K-series like New World was shot there.


The movie is full action and thrill until you realizes that it turned into a propaganda movie. Most of the reviews are negative and that’s completely fine because the film appears to be a mess. Another talent waste and disappointment from something that published on Netflix. The climax ended with no conclusion, what the hell they are planning?

Very disappointing considering Noomi. Most fans were hyped to watch it just for the sake of Roomi but this film doesn’t add anything new to an apocalyptic story. The novel scenes aren’t properly managed and everything seems so predictable. Moreover, the women faces are covered, is it a documentary or what?

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