Is Felicity series on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video?

Felicity was a popular teen drama TV series that aired from 1998-2002. The show followed Felicity Porter, played by Keri Russell, and her friends as they navigated college life in New York City.

With its relatable characters and storylines about relationships, self-discovery, and growing up, the show garnered a dedicated fanbase during its four-season run.

Even two decades after it wrapped up, people still want to rewatch their favorite episodes. So where can you stream this iconic WB show online in 2023? Let’s find out the best way.

Is Felicity on Netflix?

No, Felicity is currently not available on Netflix because the streaming rights for the show are held by Hulu and Disney+.

Is Felicity on Netflix
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However, streaming availability can change over time, so it’s always worth checking Netflix periodically to see if the show has been added to their library.

Also, you can watch numerous coming-of-age drama series with your Netflix subscription right now like Stranger Things, Never Have I Ever, One Tree Hill, Wednesday, Gossip Girl, Sex Education, Derry Girls, Surviving Summer, On My Block, Ginny & Georgia, and Dawson’s Creek.

Is Felicity on Amazon Prime Video?

Even though, Felicity isn’t covered in the regular Prime Video subscription, you can still purchase the series on demand from the store.

Is Felicity on Amazon Prime Video

All four seasons of the series are available to purchase on Amazon Prime Video, prices vary depending on the season and episode selection.

Moreover, you will get an access to some of the best Prime originals through a subscription, some of my recommendations are The Summer I Turned Pretty, High School, ImMature, Smallville, Love and Monsters, etc.

Where to watch Felicity series?

You can stream all 4 seasons of Felicity on Hulu with a subscription inside the United States and on Disney+ inside Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Hulu subscription starts at $7.99 per month for an ad-supported plan and $14.99 per month for an ad-free plan.

Is Felicity series on Hulu

This is the easiest way to watch the show online as the network offers all 84 episodes. So if you already subscribe to Hulu, you can watch the series there right now with no additional fees.

You can also watch other Hulu originals like Only Murders in the Building, Murder at the end of World, Black Cake, What We Do in the Shadows, Under the Banner of Heaven, The Dropout, The Handmaid’s Tale, Dopesick, Arrested Development, etc., in the same subscription.

Amazon Freevee (In US)

Freevee is Amazon’s free, ad-supported streaming service available in the U.S. Every episode of the series is currently available for on-demand streaming on Freevee (formerly IMDb TV) at no cost.

As a free streaming option, it’s a simple way to rewatch the entire show or discover it for the first time. One drawback is that brief ads play during each episode.

Digital Purchase/Rental

If you are unable to find the series on the streaming service then you can purchase it from the VOD platforms like Amazon Video, iTunes, YouTube, and Google Play.

Felicity series streaming on VOD and Digital DVD
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They allow you to pay to purchase access to stream and download Felicity episodes. Purchased episodes do not have ads and enable offline viewing options.

Prices typically range from $1-$3 per HD episode or $15-$30 per full season. Limited time rental options are also sometimes available for lower prices if you only need access temporarily.


The complete Felicity DVD box set contains all episodes spanning the show’s four seasons. Owning the physical DVDs allows watching with no internet required.

IMO, that’s the best way because streaming networks can be changed in the future but physical copy will always stay with you.

Moreover, Box sets typically include bonus features like behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the cast. eBay and Amazon Marketplace often have quality used sets available at discounted prices as well.

Who’s in the cast of Felicity?

The star and main character of the show was Felicity Porter, played by actress Keri Russell. Porter begins college not knowing what she wants to major in or do with her life.

Other main characters were her friends – Ben Covington (Scott Speedman), Noel Crane (Scott Foley), and Julie Emrick (Amy Jo Johnson). The show also featured mc’s advisor, Meghan Rotundi (Amanda Foreman).

What is the series about?

In the pilot episode, Porter leaves her hometown in California to attend college in New York. She decides to follow her long-time crush Ben, even though she hadn’t originally planned to attend school across the country.

The show follows a young Porter over 4 years in college. It covers typical college issues like finding your identity, navigating friendships and relationships, deciding on majors, and getting internships. There are love triangles, break-ups, make-ups, and a lot drama between the group of friends.


The series received strong reviews on IMDb when it first aired and won several awards. Critics praised the acting and writing. It realistically portrayed pivotal years in a young woman’s life.

The characters were relatable and likeable. The show also did a good job of capturing college life in New York City. The storyline kept audiences interested from week to week.

Overall, Felicity is remembered as a solid coming-of-age drama with charming characters like the new trans-comedy film Lady Ballers, created by Jeremy Boreing.

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