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Erisa anime is getting popular due to variety of hot anime girls that are being introduced into the anime series. The anime TV series based on the manga of the same title written by LINK and illustrated by Kotaro Shono, the series is animated by Studio Gokumi and AXsiZ, directed by Yu Nobuta, written by Tatsuya Takahashi, and music is given by Shigenobou Ookawa. Worlds End Harem anime story sets in the future world of 2040 when 99.9% of the male population have disappeared from Earth due to the outbreak of MK virus.

Erisa Anime Wiki

Erisa Tachibana is a childhood friend of Reito Mizuhara in World’s End Harem anime who waits for his friend Reito until he come out from cryostasis. She is is also a former student at the National Advanced Medical who claims to become a physician scientist to treat Jiro, a dog. But after the deadly breakout of MK virus, she become the leader of a terrorist group Izanami, the group which opposes the plot of UW with their holy slave ritual.

Erisa anime World's End Harem

Reito confesses his feelings for Erisa anime after getting diagnosed with cellular sclerosis. At that time, Erisa was wearing a white shirt with a long tight skirt. After Reito revealed that he is suffering from sclerosis, Erisa used her smart ring to display screens and explained to him that her company’s supercomputer is developing a specialized drug to cure to treat the disease. However, Reito revealed that he has to go into cold sleep for at least 4-5 years to treat himself.

Erisa anime girl was determined to wait for Reito until he wakes up from cold sleep but he asked her to date Maeda because he has already confessed to her before. This left her crying and becoming the founding mother of Izanami.

Are Erisa and Mira related?

Yes, Erisa and Mira are closely related. Mira Suou is the exact clone of Elisa Tachibana and has similarities with her. She was created by Japanese UW branch to mate with Reito but whenever she tried to make a relationship with him, Reito rejected her on the sake of mating Erisa anime girl first.

Mira and Elisa in Shuumatsu No harem anime

Mira Wiki

As per physical appearance, Mira looks more attractive than Elisa herself with her curvy physique, long purple hairs, and white eyelashes. Mira is one of the hottest anime girl of this harem anime series who is having a characteristic U shaped breasts with a seducing figure.

She is also the former dedicated secretary of Reito Mizuhara who was the also the first one to pick him up in his cold sleep. Moreover, she was the one who introduced Reito to the modern world of 2040s where more than 99.9% of the male population has disappeared due to the breakout of man killing MK virus.

Mira in World's End Harem anime

Even though, her presence really mattered a lot for Mizuhara, he still rejects her mating offer every time. The latest incident was when he was inviting Mira to come along with him and Akane until Ms Pope arrived in the bathroom. The girl was so desperate to mate with Reito but he rejected once again.

Eventually, Mira get arrested in the eleventh episode of the anime but this time Reito expresses some care for her and give her a tight hug before leaving for Taiwan. Mira expresses her gratitude too and wish her very best to find the cure for MK virus. Likewise Erisa anime, she too confesses her feelings and revealed that she will wait for him. Most likely, Reito will return to greet and more importantly to fulfill her mating desire.

Erisa’s Relationship with Reito

Reito Mizuhara relationship with Mira and Erisa in anime

Reito didn’t actually confessed his feelings to Erisa until he was about to enter into cold sleep. He confessed in front of Reito that he loves her which completely surprised her. But in the next moment, Reito make her feel completely worthless by calling her to make a relationship with Maeda who confessed his feelings earlier. This allowed Elisa to leave the place in tears but as the episode 11 ends, we saw Reito finally reunites with Erisa in Taiwan. Worlds End Harem episode 12 will probably show the dark side of Erisa anime girl and the reason why she started leading the terrorist organization, Izanami.

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