Date A Live Season 4 Episode 5 Release Date, Countdown, Spoilers, Preview, English Sub

Date A Live Season 4 Episode 5 is scheduled to premiere on May 6, 2022 at its respected time slot. The fantasy harem anime TV series is adapted from the light novels written by Koshi Tachibana and illustrated by Tsunako in Dragon Magazine that originally run from March 2011 to March 2020 for a total of nine years. An anime adaptation started airing on 6 April 2013 for the first time on Tokyo MX and aired till 22 June 2013 and today the anime series have released three seasons with a fourth season in progress. The 4th season is directed by Jun Nakagawa, written by Fumihiko Shimo, and produced by Geek Toys Studio.

Date A Live Season 4 Episode 5 Release Date and Time

Date a Live Season 4 Episode 5 titled Fairy Tale will be released on Friday, 6 May 2022 at 9:30 AM EDT on Crunchyroll inside the United States and at 10:00 PM JST on AT-X inside Japan. This season of Date A Live will have a total of 13 episodes with an average duration of 24 minutes. New episodes are airing on Fridays every week since 8th of April. However, release timings may vary for different regions as follows:

Crunchyroll has confirmed the following timings for the arrival of Date A Live Season 4 Ep 5:

  • Pacific Time: 06:30 AM PT(15 April)
  • Central Time: 08:30 AM CT(15 April)
  • Eastern Time: 09:30 AM ET(April 15)
  • British Time(For UK viewers): 02:30 PM BST(15 April)
  • Indian Time: 07:00 PM IST(April 15)
  • Australian Time: 11:30 PM AEST(15 April)

Where to watch Date a Live Season 4 anime?

All the three seasons are available on episodes of Date a Live are streaming on Crunchyroll outside Japan whereas AT-X, KBS Kyoto, Sun TV, BS11, and Tokyo MX remains the original network for Japanese viewers. The season 4 episodes are now available to watch in original Japanese audio with English subtitles.

Even though, most anime fans prefer dub over a sub, no English dub version has been released for the new season but you can always stream the dubbed versions for the three seasons on Crunchyroll and Hulu. Season 4 will also receive a dub version in the future like the other three.

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Date a Live Season IV Episode 4 Recap

In episode 4, we saw an asteroid falls into Shido’s school in the middle of the class and Ratatoskr revealed the cause. Shido tries to talk with the spirit Mukuro Hoshimiya with the help of a camera to project himself into outer space. Mukuro’s angel can move objects across long distances, lock and unlock physical skills along with the memories of people and objects.

Date a Live season 4 episode 4 recap

Elliot Baldwin reveals that he alongside Westcott, Ellen, and her sister Karen founded DEM while attempting to capture spirit of origin. Woodman and Westcott parted their ways and found Ratatoskr with Karen. Finally, Woodman thanked Shido for keeping the spirits safe while Westcott is looking for another spirits through the power of Beelzebub causing him to trap in a dark void.

Date A Live Season 4 Episode 5 Spoilers

Date A Live Season 4 Episode 5 will continue the story after Westcott and Woodman are trapped in a dark void. They will confront various new spirits along with some known ones.

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