Black Mirror Season 6 Trailer, Release, Preview

Created by Charlie Brooker, Black Mirror is a British TV series that focuses on the development of technology and its consequences to humanity. At the end of every episode of this Netflix series, a deep secret is hidden which the audience scours every single social media. Recently Season 5 was released but now the question is when will Season 6 be released? By the way, the company has renewed it or not, so far neither the season 6 release date is known nor any trailer.

When will Black Mirror Season 6 Release on Netflix?

Black Mirror Season 6 is likely to be released in the middle of 2021 on Netflix as the production house will have to produce the film following social distancing and other safety rules due to Coronavirus Pandemic, which can cause trouble in shooting and may take a lot of time. Although it is not officially confirmed when Season 6 will launch as all of these dates are speculation.

Note: The Black Mirror Season 6 is actually on hold as the show creator Charlie Brooker is busy making some other projects.

Season 6 Preview

Black Mirror Season 6 preview

Like we talked about in the beginning, the main objective of this television series is to show the relationship between humanity and technology and also take care of the advantages and disadvantages. It tells us that if the machine also has feelings, it can prove to be effective in saving us as our inclination towards technology keeps increasing day by day. It seems that we cannot survive without technology.

It will also show that for some time, humans have become uncivilized and the things that make humans different from animals are also crossing those boundaries. We want to show ourselves the best on social media because we have become used to listening to our compliments online. In an episode, we also see how a man goes crazy due to not getting his/her smartphone back.

season 6 story

Inside Season Five, Miley Cyrus also tells us about the hollow and adulterated life of celebrity culture that people perceive as real and make connections with an image that has nothing to do with reality.

Black Mirror Season 6 Trailer

No official trailer has been released for season. However, you can watch some old clips to have an idea about the upcoming season.

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