World’s End Harem Episode 2 Release Date and Time, Countdown, Spoilers, Preview

World’s End Harem Episode 2 is delayed due to some genuine reasons shared on the official twitter account of the series. The ecchi sci-fi anime series is based on the Japanese manga series of the same name(Shuumatsu no Harem) written by LINK and illustrated by Kotaro Shono. It follows Mizuhara, a young man who has waken up from hibernation after 5 long years and become stunned to see that 99.9% male population is disappeared due to a man-killer virus. In this world of dream, Men are treated as a special resource and are allowed to make multiple relationships to prevent man extinction.

World’s End Harem Episode 2 Release Date and Time

World’s End episode 2 is set to release in 14 January 2022 at its scheduled time on Crunchyroll according to the official statement made by the anime creators and the series lovers have to wait a couple months more to see the latest episodes of Shuumatsu No Harem.The series is animated by Gokumi Studio and AXsiZ while the characters are designed by Miyabi Ozeki. Although, the first episode was released on time but again the show is postponed for other episodes.

World's End Harem episode 2 anime release date

However, the creators thanked everyone who supports the show and apologize for the unusual delay in the official announcement. The reason for the delay is that the show wasn’t gone through a careful examination and there were some potholes. To fix all the things, the series has been postponed till Jan 2022. If everything remains good then the release date might be shifted back to Nov-Dec 2021.

Episode 1 Recap

In the first episode, Reito opens up his feelings for Erisa but also tells that he is suffering from a rare disease(Cellular Scoliosis) that can only be cured through a deep sleep. So, he stressed on Elisa to date a guy whom proposed her earlier because his treatment will take a very long time and he doesn’t want Elisa to wait for him. Then, he goes to take cryogenic sleep and after saying goodbye to his family.

Shuumatsu No Harem episode 1 recap

After 5 years, he woke up finally and realized that MK virus has killed more than 99% male population from the Earth and women dominates the world. The remaining man survivors are treated as an important asset and kept under good care. Reito is also under the eye of a female assistant named Suou. She wants to intimate with Rei by entering into his room without wearing any clothes but Reito rejects her offer. The future of humanity is at stake but Rei rejects all the girl’s proposal.

World’s End Harem Episode 2 Spoilers

World’s End Harem Episode 2 will show other sexual fantasies of Reito as he wouldn’t hold his orgasm for long. Moreover, his personal assistant Suou is looking for ways to have a baby with him. Finally, Reito will choose a girl to mate with and regarding his security concerns Suou will offer some bodyguards and nurses to take care of of him as he is the hope for 5 billion women. However, he is possessive to Suou-san but still one of her bodyguard will take advantage of Reito and take pleasure by bathing with him, scrubbing his back with his tits, and kissing his tree.

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