Winter House Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Everything We Know

Winter House Season 3 has been officialy announced by the Bravo Channel after receiving an overwhelming reponse from the viewers. It all started in 2017 with the release of Summer House, an American reality TV show that follows a group of friends who share a common house in Hamptons town of New York.

It was reported in February 2021 that a spinoff of Summer House was in works under the title Summer House Winter Charm. Later on, it was remarketed as Winter House and the spinoff premiered on 20 October 2021 on the Bravo channel.

The series received so much appreciation from fans across the USA that the original network renewed it for another season that started premiering in October 2022 and the last episode of that season aired on 15 December 2022. Till that time, fans have been waiting for a new season. Let’s see what is the current status of Winter House Season 3?

Will there be Winter House season 3?

Yes, Bravo announced in May 2023 that the series has been renewed for a third season [via press release from NBCUniversal Television and Streaming]. The network made the official announcement while revealing details about the cast members. Some new yet familiar faces will take over the important roles in the upcoming season.

Winter House season 3 release date
via Bravo

The second season included stars from Southern Charm and Summer House but this time, Bravo is taking things on a different level by adding stars from their most popular reality show, Below Deck and some fans are just yawning on seeing the new cast. What is your reaction as a fan about that?

When is season 3 of Winter House coming out?

Since the filming of Winter House season 3 begun in April 2023 in Colorado, it will take around two months to finish. Then, the post production is going to take another 5-6 months. If we observe the trend carefully, both the seasons of Winter House have been released in October. So, we can expect this new season to be released around October 2023.

First season had six episodes, second had nine episodes but the exact episode count for this season is not yet confirmed. Most likely, it will have twelve episodes as the episode count increased in the second season and this time, some new lovely faces have been added that will capture your hearts, more people, more entertainment, more episodes.

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Cast of Winter House Season 3

Rhyler Gerber will be the first person to appear on the show from Below Deck season 6 and 7 and since Danielle is entering into Winter House, we won’t be able to see Lindsay and Carl. We also want to include Kory Keefer but we have no update about it.

Winter House season 3 cast
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Even though, Kyle, Amanda, Jason, and the Toms are confirmed to cast in the third season. Some fans are calling it as the lamest line up while others are impressed to see the return of those familiar faces from other reality TV series.

Even they are recommending to the creators that they should also include stars from Vanderpump Rules, Southern Charm, and The Real Housewives. Daniella Olivera is confirmed. So, here’s the final cast of Winter House season 3:

  • Amanda Batula
  • Kyle Cooke
  • Rachel Clark
  • Tom Schwartz
  • Rhyler Gerber
  • Jessica Stocker
  • Ciara Miller
  • Jason Cameron
  • Austin Kroll
  • Paige DeSorbo
  • Craig Conover
  • Luke Gulbranson

Is there an official Trailer for Winter House Season 3?

As of now, Bravo hasn’t released any official trailer for the upcoming season of Winter House because the filming is still underway. A trailer or teaser will be released only after the filming gets completed. However, Queens of Bravo has shared an exclusive behind the scenes footage from the season 3 that shows Amanda, Danielle, Kyle Cooke, Rhylee Gerber, Paige DeSorbo, and Ciara Miller.

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What will be the plot of Winter House Season 3?

Every new season of Winter House bring new drama and that’s why, there is no fix plot for the series. However, in the second season, Lindsay was reunited with her former fling Jason Cameron while creating a scene with Carl. She was pregnant with Jason’s child but had a miscarriage and bothers Danielle so much that she won’t even return if see the couple together.

What will be the plot of Winter House Season 3

The second season was about the couple creatinig drama with other cast members but this time, our Danielle is back. So, we don’t need Jason and Lindsay for this season. Give a break to Danielle, she is damn single and is planning to spend her own company away from drama.

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