Jana Duggar is Still Single on her 31st Birthday, Here’s why

Isn’t it hilarious? Jana Duggar is the only person in Duggar’s family who is not married yet and celebrating her 31st birthday with full energy. We have seen the courtship of Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey while Justin celebrating his 18th birthday. Today, we will find out why is Jana Duggar still single.

Why is she still single? Is jana duggar gay?

There are two main reasons why Jana Duggar is still single today:

First, she is the only adult daughter that lives at the home 🏡 to take care of her family. Her sister Johannah is just 15 and she isn’t able to take care of even herself.

Second, Jana Duggar hasn’t found a deserving guy yet with whom she can spend the rest of her life. She has attempted several engagements that went wrong and nothing is in public.

Well, the Duggar family learned a lesson after revealing Josiah’s courtship too soon with Marjorie Jackson that things didn’t last long if you reveal every relationship start in public.

Is Jana unhappy for being single?

Naah! Jana is an active part of her sibling’s life and even if she never chooses to marry, she will still be one of the most popular members of the discussion in the Duggar family.

Two years ago, there were rumors that Jana Duggar is gay. The reason for the speculation was she hasn’t revealed her interest in any boy publicly and never announce any dating. Moreover, she prefers too many female friends that also ignites the fire of rumors. Yes, these were all rumors.

You can’t call her gay if she is not revealing her relationship status publicly and now you know the reasons also for being single. Jana is a great woman who helped her family a lot and takes care of her other sisters got married.

Which Duggar is in a courtship now?

18-years-old Justin Duggar recently courting with 17-years-old Claire Spivey. Their relationship started two years ago according to the video posted by TLC.

Jana Duggar Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated at around $400,000. Jinger Duggar is the richest Duggar who is having a net worth of $2 Million.

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