Where your Heart Belongs Hallmark Movie Cast, Preview, Plot Synopsis

Where Your Heart Belongs is an upcoming Hallmark movie starring Jen Lilley from Days of Our Lives and Christopher Russell from Love in the Forecast in the lead roles. The movie is produced by Navid Soofi under John Production Group and directed by Christie Will Wolf who has also co-written the movie along with Catherine Reay, and Kathryn Hudson. The romantic comedy film is scheduled to premiere on Sat, 1 Jan 2022 at 8/7 c exclusively on the Hallmark Channel.

Where your Heart Belongs Hallmark Cast

  • Jen Lilley as Mackenzie Sullivan, an NY based marketing executive
  • Christopher Russell as Dylan, Olivia’s cousin and Mackenzie’s love interest
  • Jill Morrison as Olivia(from You Me & The Christmas Trees)
  • Nelson Wong as Dylan’s adviser
  • Robert Wisden
  • Latonya Williams

Rest of cast members will be available soon after the announcement of the original network. Jen Lilly is popularly recognized from her roles in A Little Daytime Drama and Days of Our Lives. Christopher credits include in Chasing Waterfalls and Love in the Forecast while Nelson Wong is known for It was Always You and A Christmas Treasure. Latonya Williams is recognized in The Nine Kittens of Christmas and Merry Liddle Christmas Baby.

Sneak Peek

An official preview has been released on the official website of Hallmark that shows a new romance will be coming out on New Years Day and Sullivan has to work with Olivia’s super hot cousin. The sweet arguments and romantic conversations between the two will definitely make your new year day happy.

Where Your Heart Belongs Synopsis

The story follows a New York based marketing executive, Mackenzie who is facing a tough time in keeping her clients intact due to their shifting towards an up and coming influencer. On the flip side, her childhood best friend, Olivia has shifted the date of her wedding and now plans to get married after two weeks.

Where Your Heart Belongs Hallmark plot

The ridiculous part is that she wants Mackenzie to do the marriage planning and the wedding must be planned in her rural hometown. So, Mackenzie took on a journey to reach her maple farm in order to begin the preparation.

There comes another twist, she meets her best friend’s cousin Dylan that she used to date before. She doesn’t know what’s the right time to say and why he is returning in her life, she keeps on thinking that he is following him on her way. You should go where your heart belongs and probably Mackenzie has find the exact place that matchup with her. However, this is Hallmark, anything is possible here.

Jen Lilley is also excited in real life for getting pregnant for one more time. She laughingly wrote that she is going to get a bus from now.

What do you think will happen, will Mackenzie romance begin once again with Dylan or just fade away? Where Your Heart Belongs is set to premiere on New Year’s Day 2022 at 8/7 c only on Hallmark Channel.

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