Where was You Me and The Christmas Trees filmed? Meet Hallmark Cast

You Me and The Christmas Trees is the latest Romantic drama movie by Hallmark directed by David Winning but where was the filming took place? The film follows the life of a Connecticut based arborist who doesn’t want to go home to spend her holidays since she got an invitation to attend a Christmas wedding a few months ago. From God’s grace, she find a better excuse to cancel her home plan.

Moreover, she develops a love interest in her new client, a Christmas tree farmer who hired Olivia to find out which disease is causing trouble to the farmer’s trees. A cure is very important as Jack’s 100 year old family business is at sake and if the arborist can solve the problem then maybe she becomes his favorite and life of both of them becomes easy.

Where was You Me and The Christmas Trees filmed?

Hallmark’s You Me and The Christmas Trees was filmed inside Victoria, Canada during the heat wave in August 2021 according to Danica McKellar. Screenwriter Julie Sherman shared that the movie sets in Avon, Connecticut but the real filming was done inside Victoria, Canada only. Filming wrapped up on 10 Aug 2021, Jason shared on Instagram.

McKellar also shared the information that shooting was tough and she has to put some water in her boots while filming for the movie and they had to wear winter clothes at the set. She also updated when filming wrapped up in Canada. Jason Hervey also posted some behind the scene moments.

You Me and the Christmas Trees cast

Danica Mckellar is casting in the lead role as Olivia, an arborist in You Me and The Christmas Trees. Her credits include in Love and Sunshine, Christmas at Dollywood, Wedding Bells, Crown for Christmas, Coming Home for Christmas, Perfect Match, Christmas She Wrote, and several other Hallmark movies. She is also the writer who writes bestselling books for match education.

You Me and the Christmas Trees cast Hallmark

Benjamin Ayres is another leading protagonist of the You Me and Christmas Trees Hallmark film who is casting in the role of Jack. His credits include Saving Hope, Bitten, Cranberry Christmas, Vampire Diaries, Smallville, Love By Chance, etc.

Other cast members include:

  • Zara Bacic (Young Olivia)
  • Jason Harvey as Dwayne
  • Amanda Lisman (Kelly)
  • Billy Wickman (Elliott)
  • Daniel Bacon (Mayor Maguire)
  • Linda Darlow (Peggy)
  • Keith MacKechnie (Harry)
  • Gus Khosrowkhani (Mr. Mozzicato)
  • Karen Kruper (Ellen)
  • Jill Morrison (Lisa)
  • Fred Henderson (Sid)
  • Nia Cummins (Rachel)
  • Todd Mann (Man #1)
  • Brad Mann (Man #2)
  • Andres Collantes (Miles)
  • Jacob Insley (Tow Truck Driver)
  • Nelson Giles (Owner)
  • Emily Maddison (Younger Ellen)
  • Holly Harris (Little Girl)
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