Netflix’s Soulcatcher Movie Shooting Locations, Cast, Trailer

Netflix has released an exciting Polish action thriller film Soulcatcher that follows a mercenary named Kiel who is sent on a mission to cover the area operated by a local warlord.

When Kiel’s brother falls into the trap of the warlord, he seeks revenge and embarks on a deadly mission to take down the boss through his own hands. With the release of this film, Netflix has released a total of seven original Polish films in 2023.

Directed and co-written by Polish filmmaker Daniel Markowicz with brother Dawid Markowicz, the Polish film has been produced under Lightcraft Productions, and the distribution rights are owned by Netflix.

Where was Soulcatcher filmed?

Netflix’s Soulcatcher movie was entirely filmed in Warsaw, Poland during mid 2023. They had auditioned hundreds of actors from India and Europe for the role of a Sikh soldier and I was finalized in Warsaw, Vansh Luthra said in a recent talk with Indulge.

Luthra also revealed that he had undergone combat and firearms training before helming the role of an elite soldier. Moreover, he had to jump from a running aeroplane on a runaway and that scene wasn’t easy. So, they took seven takes and the edited the best one.

Soulcatcher movie filming locations in Warsaw Poland featuring Piotr
via Netflix

Warsaw is the capital and also the largest city of Poland that lies in the east-central region of the Poland in Central Europe, also known as Phoenix city because it has been destroyed and rebuilt multiple times.

The Polish country has one of the world’s oldest salt mines, first upside down house, and has one of the most diverse environments in Central Europe. Not only tourists but filmmakers from all over Europe visit Poland for shooting purposes.

The lush green mountains and deserted lands outside the main city were used to shoot the combat scenes while the jungle scenes were generated through graphics under the Warsaw-based studio Lightcraft, who is responsible for the movie’s production.

Some of the Polish films that were recently filmed in Poland are Squared Love: All Over Again, Heaven in Hell, Cracow Monsters, Autumn Girl, Bombardment, etc.

Who’s in the cast of Soulcatcher?

Piotr Witkowski is starring in the lead role of Kiel, the mercenary on the mission. His other credits include in Erotica, Bartkowiak, and Netflix’s Queen limited series.

Other cast members are as follows:

  • Jacek Koman
  • Vansh Luthra
  • Michal Burdan
  • Jacek Knap
  • Mateusz Rzezniczak
  • Jacek Poniedzialek
  • Mariusz Bonaszewski
  • Aleksandra Adamska
  • Michalina Olszanska
  • Sebastian Stankiewicz
  • Mateusz Mlodzianowski

Is there a trailer?

Yes, Netflix released the official trailer on 5 July 2023 that begins with Jacek Koman as an officer examining a deadly weapon that has been fallen in the hands of violent killers and our hero Kiel is determined to bring back that dangerous weapon at any cost.

Netflix's Soulcatcher trailer

Piotr is also shown wearing an army dress and a three other soldiers accompanying him on the mission. The scene featuring a Sikh Solider (played by Vansh Luthra) jumping off an aeroplane has been added in the trailer.

Other action filled scenes includes a scene of interrogation and car chasing in the deserted lands of Warsaw.

What is the Soulcatcher movie about?

The synopsis from IMDb reads,

Kiel used to work for Polish services in fighting terrorism. While he was everything for money on behalf of a private military company with his brother Piotr. One day his brother got kidnapped and that leads to an ignite of patriotism in Kiel’s mind. He becomes a mercenary who’s ready to face anything in exchange of his brother’s life, even he has to face a dangerous experimental weapon.

Soulcatcher has been released on Wednesday, 2 August 2023 on Netflix.

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