Where was Pale Rider filmed? Review, Cast, Locations

Pale Rider is an American western fantasy film directed, produced and starred by Clint Eastwood. The film was released back in 26 June 1985 inside the United States with a budget of $6.9 Million and became one of the highest grossing Western movies of 80s era with a box office collection of $41.4 M. It follows the story of Preacher who comes as a savior in a small town where goons are taking over gold from miners and pestering them. The title of the film is a reference to The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse where pale horse s ghost rider is Eastwood that represents the death.

Pale Rider Filming Locations

Pale Rider was filmed in various locations at Idaho and California inside the United States. Director of photography Bruce Surtees reported that the primary filming took place in 17 Sep 1984 and wrapped up within the same year in November.

According to a report, Eastwood movie was primarily filmed at the Boulder Creek area of Central Idaho. Sawtooth National Area featured in the film during opening credits scene while the train station scenes were shot at Tuolumne Country near Jamestown.

Pale Rider filming locations

The crew shot for five weeks at the Boulder mountains, then moved to the Sun Valley Resort City of Idaho to cover the summer climate of Sun Valley area that has been featured in various western films of that time. Other than that, Pale Rider filming team moved to Columbia State Historic Park situated at 11255 Jackson Street to shot the scenes of Gold Rush Town. The railways scenes were also filmed in Tuolumne Country, CA.

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  • Clint Eastwood as the Preacher
  • John Russell as Marshal Stockburn
  • Michael Moriarty as Hull Barret
  • Richard Dysart as Coy LaHood
  • Terrence Evans as Jake Henderson
  • Chris Penn as Josh LaHood
  • Carrie Snodgress as Sarah Wheeler
  • Richard Hamilton as Pa Blankenship
  • Sydney Penny as Megan Wheeler
  • Richard Kiel as Club
  • Jeffrey Weissman as Teddy Conway
  • Charles Hallahan as McGill
  • Chuck Lafont as Eddie Conway
  • Marvin J. McIntyre as Jagou
  • Fran Ryan as Ma Blankenship
  • Doug McGrath as Spider Conway

Pale Rider Movie Review

A group of goons are harassing and killing the gold miners to make their territory, a mysterious preacher come to the miners rescue. The preacher no other than Eastwood himself. You will find different questions while viewing the movie and is quite common regarding preachers, you can’t really understand what are they up to and this arise our curiosity to learn more about them. It totally depends on the perspective of critics or viewers who are watching the movie, how they want the story to progress,

The scenes were beautifully filmed and the characters seem to have a certain kind of loneliness and a feeling to get together with the preacher. Supporting cast has done an excellent job especially the scene when the town decided to chose between staying at their place or selling the land.

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