Where was No Hard Feelings filmed? See all Locations

No Hard Feelings is the latest comedy movie directed and co-written by Gene Stupnitsky along with John Phillips. With Jennifer Lawrence in the main role, the movie has recently hit US cinemas on 23 June 2023.

The sexy comedy film has grossed $49 Million against the budget of $45 Million in the first week of release and still counting, the sexpionage movie is also set to premiere on Netflix after two months of theatrical run.

We understand, you are eagerly waiting to visit all those places where this R-rated comedy was shot and we are here to just satisfy your wanderlust. No Hard Feelings is special because this marks the return of Jennifer Lawrence as a lead actress in four years after her 2018 film Red Sparrow.

No Hard Feelings Filming Locations

Filming LocationDetails
Nassau County, Long IslandPrimary shooting location, including Hempstead, Lawrence, Uniondale, Point Lookout
Ted’s Fishing Station, HempsteadTransformed into Montauk Dock East
Woodmere Docks, LawrenceUsed as a base camp
Greenfield Cemetery, UniondaleFilmed emotional cemetery scenes
North Shore Animal League, Port WashingtonPet adoption center used for filming
Montauk, Suffolk CountySmall portion filmed on the beaches for authenticity

The R-rated film of academy award winner Jennifer Lawrence No Hard Feelings was filmed in and around various locations of Nassau country, New York, the local newspaper reported. The report also revealed that Ted’s Fishing Station was used as Montauk Dock East in the movie.

Jennifer Lawrence on the set of No Hard Feelings during filming
via SONY Pictures Releasing

A tiktoker posted a short video that reveals that the principal photography began in late Sep 2022. Some of the popular landmarks that have been featured in the film includes Hempstead, Lawrence, Uniondale, and Point Lookout.

Nassau Country, Long Island

The suburban country located on the east of New York City served as the primary shooting location for No Hard Feelings movie. Production team setup their camps in Hempstead and transformed Ted’s Fishing Station located at 143 Bayside Drive into Montauk Dock East.

For those who don’t know, Ted’s Fishing Station is a renowned fishing store bar and boat rental service provider in Long Island. The place has a unique charm that has been perfectly captured by the cinematographers.

No hard feelings movie filming locations
via SONY Pictures Releasing

The woodmere docks of Lawrence village were used as a base camp in the film and the team also taped some scenes in Greenfield Cemetary located at 650 Nassau Road in Uniondale.

Greenfield Cemetry is a huge cemetry that is covering nearly 158 acres of land. It was used to film the scenes where Jennifer Lawrence visits the cemetry with Percy along with some emotional scenes like in Run Rabbit movie of Sarah Snook.

North Shore Animal League America, Port Washington

During production, the cast and crew member of No Hard Feelings movie were spotted filming at North Shore Animal League America. It is a pet adoption center based in Port Washington.

The center is known for its beautiful harbor and the thing that made the place film friendly is, it is located just an hour drive from from the main shooting location in Long Island.

Montauk, Suffolk Country

Even though, the film sets in the hamlet of Montauk, only a small portion was done there.

Montauk is a CDP located in the town of East Hamption in Suffolk Country. The town has only a total population of 4,318 as per the latest census that took place in 2020.

The Montauk Point Lighthouse and Gosman’s Dock was used to film some scenes. Montauk Point Lighthouse is a historic lighthouse located at the eastern tip of Long Island. It is one of the most visited lighthouses in the United States.

Since Maddie works as an Uber driver in Montauk, the shooting team decided to tape some scenes at the original location to make it more relatable for viewers. An important nude scene was done on the beaches of Hamlet.

Is No Hard Feelings based on a true story?

Yes, Jennifer Lawrence has revealed that the raunchy comedy movie No Hard Feelings is based on a real-life Craiglist ad that inspired Naomi Odenkirk., one of the movie’s producers to make a film on it.

It was about seducing a 19-year-old and Lawrence told to EW that she died laughing while reading the actual scripts. This was the funniest thing she’d ever read and she wanted to make the movie out of it as soon as possible.

However, the character of J Law is purely fictional because nobody responded to the real Craiglist ad that was posted almost five years ago but Jennifer is coming as the savior of the 19-year-old Percy, whose parents want him to grow up and kickstart his sex life.

No Hard Feelings is one of the best movies, I have watched in my life. It’s fun to watch alone or with your partner. Jennifer Lawrence is hilarious and her acting was so seductive that…You decide what happened next!

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