Where was Run Rabbit Run filmed? Netflix Locations and Cast

Netflix’s highly anticipated psychological thriller film Run Rabbit Run has been released on 28 June 2023 at 3:00 AM Eastern inside the United States.

Directed by Daina Reid from the scripts of Hannah Kent, the horror film stars Golden Globe nominated actress Sarah Snook (known for HBO’s Succession) in the main role of a fertility doctor who witnesses strange behavior of her own child.

The film has been produced by Anna McLeish, Sarah Shaw, and Naomi Mulholland under XYZ Films and Carver Films. Even though, XYZ Films is an American production company, every scene was shot within Australian territory.

Where was Run Rabbit Run filmed?

Run Rabbit Run was entirely filmed in various locations of Australia with Victoria and Adelaide as the primary shooting locations. According to reports, the shooting of the horror movie began in fall 2020 but paused in 2021. In January 2022, the shooting resumed and wrapped in summer of the same year.

Where was Run Rabbit Run filmed
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It was Covid-19 pandemic that delayed the movie’s production otherwise we have seen this film more than a year ago. IMDb has mentioned Riverland, Melbourne, and Adelaide as the filming locations.

Melbourne is located in Victoria state while the other two cities are located in South Australia state of Australian continent. A team of 60 cast and crew members is behind the production of Run Rabbit Run movie, sources have confirmed.


The first three weeks of filming was done in different cities of Victoria and its neighboring areas. Filming unit reportedly set up camps inside the capital city of Melbourne and cover various landmarks like the Royal Exhibition, Flinders Street Railway Station, National Gallery of Victoria, Federation Square, Princes Bridge, State Library of Victoria, and Shrine of Remembrance.

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South Australia

If you ever been to Australia or met an Aussie, you must have heard about it. Not sure, hmm? Well, we are talking about Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia where most of the movie is set.

Run Rabbit Run Netflix movie locations

Production team of Run Rabbit Run movie set up camps in the rural town of Waikerie, Riverland before moving to the big cities like Adelaide and metropolitan area of Riverland, director Daina shared on Instagram.

The town of Waikerie and Murray River will be featured in the film as per the official words of production supervisor John Greene that reads as follows:

“We had to find a location that utilized the high cliffs above the Murray River, and there were also a number of other areas written in that showed off this particular region, which is fantastic.”

Paul McCormick, the deputy chairperson of Riverland West Chamber of Commerce said that the team supplied $200k-$300k to the rural surroundings to make the filming possible.

Run Rabit Run Cast

Sarah Snook is starring in the lead role of a mother and a fertilty doctor who is constantly monitoring the changes in the behavior of her daughter Mia, the role is played by Lily LaTorre.

Other cast members include:

  • Katherine Slattery as Jordie
  • Neil Melville as Albert
  • Damon Herriman as Pete
  • Georgina Naidu as Andrea
  • Jen Salisbury as Young Joan
  • Maurial Spearim as Keira
  • Hugo Soysa as Toby
  • Sunny Whelan as Alice
  • Naomi Rukavina as Denise
  • Shabana Azeez as Nowa
  • Genevieve Morris
  • Heather Burridge as Carer
  • Greta Scacchi as Joan
  • Rosie Mitchell as Little Sarah
  • Zara Tsolakis
  • Michala Banas as Alice Breaths
  • Poppy Skerry as Young Sarah
  • Trevor Jamieson as Sandy
  • D’Arcy Carty as Little Alice
  • Julia Davis as Gail (Nightshift Nurse)

What is Run Rabbit Run film about?

The movie is about a woman who believes in life after death but is challenging her belief after witnessing the odd beahvior of her own daughter. Moreover, a rabbit appears at their main entrance as an unexpected gift to Mia that is slowly taking over mind.

Mia demands to see her hospitalized grandmother that she has never seen before. Now, Sarah has to seriously look into the matter before its too late. The psychological thriller elements are similar like Black Bird series but with an addition of dark history but the film is worth-watching.

What do you think about Run Rabbit Run? Are you liking it or it’s just another piece of trash?

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