Where was Sleeping Dog filmed? Netflix Show Locations, Cast

Sleeping Dogs is a 2023 German crime thriller series directed by Stepehen Lacant and Francis Meletzky from the scripts and story of Christoph Darnstädt.

The mystery thriller series has received praise from the international viewers that has skyrocketed its popularity. It has just premiered on 22 June 2023 on Netflix and is breaking the internet through its thrilling and engaging storyline.

Even though, it’s a German based thriller, most of the viewers are coming from US, UK, and Canada. Another factor that makes this series so special is, it is coming from the same producers who made another award-winning series Unorthodox for Netflix.

Where was Netflix’s Sleeping Dog filmed?

Netflix’s German series Sleeping Dogs was filmed at HAVELSTUDIOS – Film Studios and Photo Studios, Berliner Union Film Ateliers, and Babelsberg Film Studio in Berlin, Germany inside Central Europe.

The locals reported that the filming for the mysterious series began in July 2022 and wrapped in Sep 2022 after around three months of filming. Production team setup a camp in the capital and largest city of Germany and finish most of the filming within Berlin.

Sleeping Dogs filming in Germany
via Netflix

Some recognizable landmarks of Berlin that have been featured in the series are Potsdamer Platz, Zoologischer Garten, the Berlin Wall, , Alexanderplatz, Schloss-Charlottenburg, the East-Side Gallery, Museumsinsel, Fernsehturm, and Brandenburger Tor.

Perfect Addiction and Buba were also done inside Berlin, the capital city of Germany.

HAVELSTUDIOS – Film Studios and FotoStudios

The studio is located at BERND BÖHM BERLIN, Havelchaussee 161, 14055 Berlin and has three stages, different on-site locations, cafetarias, special sound rooms, vintage cameras, make-up rooms, control rooms, and many more stuff for filmmakers.

While the two sound stages are loaded with things that are suitable for the shooting of films and TV series that requires VFX and background editing themes, the third Stage is good for hosting talk shows and holding interviews.

Since it’s a collaboration between Netflix and Real Film Berlin, most of the unique and expensive instruments were brought by the crew members and the talented cast made the series worth-watching.

In German, it is titled as Schlafende Hunde and is the remake of 2016 Israeli series The Exchange Principle of Israel with some modifications for good.

Meet Sleeping Dogs Cast

Max Riemelt is starring in the main role of Mike Atlas in the series who is known for casting in Sense8. Five years have been passed since the show’s official cancellation but fans are still waiting for the release date of Sense8 season 3 on Netflix.

Steffen Mennekes from The Queen’s Gambit is starring as Ralf Baum with Luise von Finckh in another lead role of Jule Andergast. Carlo Ljubek is in another supporting role of Luca Zaric in the thriller series.

Other cast members of Sleeping Dogs include:

  • Antonio Wannek as Roland “Socke” Sokowski
  • Melodie Wakivuamina as Britney Adebayo
  • Martin Wuttke as Klaus Hartloff
  • Helgi Schmid as Tom Schlefski
  • Peri Baumeister as Mike’s wife, Lenni
  • Egzona Fetahaj as Junge Uniformierte
  • Tara Corrigan as Mike’s daughter, Tinka
  • Sandra Bertalanffy as State Criminal Police Officer
  • Melika Foroutan (The Empress, Tribes of Europa) as Jule’s boss, Corinna Steck

What is the plot of Sleeping Dogs?

The criminal conspiracy series opens with a prison scene where we see a dead body and then, camera shifts towards a fallen top police officer Mike Atlas who is living the life of a homeless and orphan man.

It’s not like that, Mike is flat broke but because he needs more privacy and solitude. Then, we are shown the second main character of series, an aspiring young prosecutor who ends up working with Mike because of the similar interest in a murder case that has been closed recently.

The duo realized later in the series that they have accidentally opened the Pandora’s box of cases, that is itself a secret pile of unsolved cases. Will the two been able to find the criminal?

Sleeping Dogs is now streaming on Netflix.

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