Where was Buba filmed? Netflix Movie Cast & Filming Location

Buba is a 2022 German feature film directed by Arne Feldhusen from the scripts written by Sebastian Colley and Isaiah Michalski. The film serves as the prequel to the famous coming-of-age comedy series titled How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) and the story follows a gangster named Jakob whose business is going extremely well but is halted after the tragic death of his parents.

However, he plans to come out from the situation with the help of his brother Dante and make their life prosperous once again. The system worked great but the clouds of disappointment emerged when Dante falls in love with a mafia. To get his love, Dante can even leave his brother Jakob.

Where was Buba filmed?

Netflix’s Buba was filmed inside Berlin, Cologne, Bonn, and Kremmen inside Germany country, Central Europe, the Crew-United provider reported. Principal filming began on 13 October 2021 and wrapped up on 12 December 2021 within Germany.

The cast turned towards Brandenburg and North Rhine-Westphalia regions for the movie’s production and shoot it at the exact locations where the story is set. That is the special part of German films, they shoot the movies where they are originally set and that adds authenticity and originality to their films.

Buba filming locations

Berlin is the capital and most populous city of Germany where most of the shooting took place. The financial capital of the country is known for its museums of arts and Crafts. Thousands of tourists visit the place every month and the constant evolution of the city makes it one of the lovely vacation destination in Europe.

On the other hand, Brandenburg is the second most visited place of Germany. Some scenes were helmed at Schloss Babelsberg Palace on Park Babelsberg 10 in Potsdam. Jasmine shared on Instagram that shooting also took place in a spa town known as Bad Freienwalde located in Märkisch-Oderland district.

The riverside scenes were shot in the federal city of Bonn located on the banks of Rhine inside the German state of North Rhine Westphalia. Bonn is 24 Km away from Cologne, the largest city of the same German state which is known for big buildings and beautiful scenery.

Various popular films were filmed inside Germany like Barry Lyndon(1975), Operation Mincemeat, Big Sky River, The Man in the High Castle, Rumspringa, etc.

Who’s in the cast of Netflix’s Buba?

  • Bjarne Mädel as Jakob Otto aka Buba
  • Arian Wegener as Young Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Georg Friedrich as Dante Otto
  • Valentin Reichhalter as Young Dante
  • Damian Hardung as Daniel Riffert
  • Soma Pysall as Maxime
  • Jasmin Shakeri as Yeta
  • Michael Ostrowski as Abnor
  • Maren Kroymann as Doro
  • Danilo Kamperidis as Lenny Sander
  • Anita Vulesica as Jule
  • Leonore von Berg as Young Jule
  • Moritz Heiring as Young Jakob
  • Eva Weißenborn as Ingrid
  • Michael Schertenleib as Ilir
  • Mira Elisa Goeres as Leonie
  • Rosa Wirtz as Mädchen
  • Sohel Altan Gol as Fitim
  • Alexander Finkenwirth as Alex
  • Maximilian Mundt as Moritz Zimmermann
  • Thomas Gerber as Jon
  • Katja Hutko as Nele
  • Michael Stange as Walter
  • Anton Faber as Fedor

The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

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