Where was Rumspringa filmed? Netflix Cast, Trailer, Review

Rumspringa aka An Amish in Berlin is a German comedy drama series directed and co-written by Mira Thiel along with Nika Heinrich and Oskar Minkler. The Netflix original series is based on a young Amish lad who travels to Berlin on a rite of passage to connect with his family roots and eventually fall in love with someone he never met. His journey allows him to reveal some other secrets that he ever imagine. He explores other ways of life, live with other people, found love and faces a big decision. Let’s find out the places where the movie was filmed.

Where was Rumspringa movie filmed?

Rumspringa was filmed in Berlin, Germany, Europe during summer 2021. Berlin is the capital city of Germany which is known for its rich national cinema history, beautiful landscapes, participation in world wars, and flexible tax rates for cheap filming protocols.

Rumspringa movie 2022 filming locations and cast

Most of the filming was done within film studios under Constantin Film AG. Constantin Film is an established name in the German Media Landscape since the beginnings with The Nervending Story and The Name of the Rose.

Although, the name is not mentioned in public, it might be Havel Studio located at Havelchaussee 161. A cast member shared that some part of the film was done in a night club named Klunkerkranich, located at Karl Marx-Straße 66. The Outfit and Human Resources are some films that were recently filmed in Berlin, Germany.

Cast of Rumspringa Movie 2022

  • Timur Bartels as Alf
  • Jonas Holdenrieder as Jacob
  • Tijan Marei as Freja
  • Matthias Bundschuh
  • Gizem EmreJoão Kreth d’Orey
  • Adél Onodi
  • Rauand Taleb
  • Enno Kalisch
  • Leon Ullrich
  • Nicole Johannhanwahr


The relationship between Jacob and Alf is adorable and emotional attachment of both the characters is just amazing. It is really a wonderful depiction. At first, we noticed that Jacob is the only one who is on a search to find the connection of him with his ancestral roots but as the story progresses, we realize that Alf is also in the same shoes. The self discovery tag should also be given to Alf as he shows the determination to uncover the truth, no matter what.

However, the relationship of Alf and Freja seems to be less convincing because the two don’t seem to be emotionally connected. The two are conflicting over commitment but at the end of the movie, they are good. Moreover, the perfect shooting angles make the movie worth watching.

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