Jackass 4.5 Filming Locations, Full Cast, Netflix Synopsis

Directed and produced by Jeff Tremaine, Jackass 4.5 is a cult classic comedy film starring Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Dave England, Preston Lacy, in the characteristic roles from the original Jackass film. It is the fourth film of the Jackass franchise after Jackass The Movie(2002), Number Two(2006), and Jackass 3D(2010).

The latest Jackass 2022 film premiered for the first time at Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, California on 1st Feb 2022, theatrically released on 4 Feb inside US cinemas. On seeing the commercial success of the movie grossing $80 Million over a $10 Million budget, a separate film released on Netflix on 20 May 2022.

Where was Jackass 4.5 filmed?

Jackass 4.5 was filmed entirely inside Los Angeles, California. The filming began on 3 March 2020 and shut down on 15 March because of the pandemic lockdowns.

Jackass 4.5 filming locations

Then, the shooting resumed on 18 October 2020 with Dimitry Elyashkevich as the cinematographer. Production team went to Paramount Picture Studio located at 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood. The studio has catered several blockbuster films as Free Guy, The Lost City, Bosch Legacy, Gully, etc.

Wee Man shared in an interview with The Nine Club that how they planned to film in various locations around the world but the Covid-19 pandemic thwarted their plans and they just stuck inside LA. Some scenes were shot on a ranch on the outskirts of the city, probably Central Valley Farmland.

Since the whole shooting was done in the middle of pandemic, all cast and crew members had to be tested for COVID-19 everyday. On 6 Jan 2022, director Tremaine shared that the combined testing cost was roughly about one million dollars.

Jackass 4.5 Cast

  • Johnny Knoxville
  • Steve-O
  • Dave England
  • Ehren McGhehey “Danger Ehren” McGhehey
  • Jason ‘Wee Man’ Acuña
  • Preston Lacy
  • Davon Wilson
  • Chris Pontius
  • Sean McInerney
  • Zach Holmes
  • Rick Kosick
  • Rachel Wolfson
  • Compston Wilson
  • Jeff Tremaine
  • Dimitry Elyashkevich
  • Eric Manaka
  • Sean Cliver
  • Trip Taylor
  • Lance BangsEric André
  • Tony Hawk
  • Parks Bonifay
  • Greg Iguchi
  • Rob Dyrdek
  • Tyler the Creator
  • Machine Gun Kelly
  • David Gravette
  • Strider Wasilewski
  • Nick Merlino
  • Aaron Homoki
  • Spike Jonze
  • Natalie Palamides
  • Courtney Pauroso
  • Shannon Gibbs
  • Danielle O’Toole
  • Shannon Gibbs
  • Ryan Dunn
  • Jarno Leppälä
  • Bam Margera
  • Missy Parkin
  • Hannu-Pekka Parviainen
  • Jules Sylvester
  • Rip Taylor
  • James Woodard


The movie features cut footage from Jackass Forever since a lot of unused footage was left unutilized. It was compiled separately and launched as a separate film. The documentary footage presents the outrageous stunts performed by the cast on the filming set. This Jackass movie is the combination of action and humor.

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