Where was Goosebumps 2023 filmed? See all Locations

Nostalgia is hitting hard for 90s kids as Goosebumps 2023 has started airing on Disney+. The popular Goosebumps children’s horror book series by R.L. Stine has been reimagined into a new TV show for 2023 by Rob Letterman & Nicholas Stoller.

While the original 1990s Goosebumps show and films were mostly shot in Canada, fans have been wondering where the new creepier and scarier adaptation of the franchise was filmed.

If you’re a fan of the horror series, and especially if the 90s version terrified you, then you’ll definitely want to check out the 2023 reboot. It’s sure to give you the chills, and it’s a great way to relive some of your childhood nightmares.

Goosebumps 2023 Filming Locations

The Goosebumps 2023 TV series was primarily filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada over a period of six months. Filming of the series began on October 2022 and wrapped on 2 April 2023, Isabelle shared on Instagram.

Isa Briones instagram post showing Goosebumps 2023 wraps filming

The legislation of filming tax credits and production incentives in British Columbia make it an attractive and cost-effective location for TV shows and movies. Along with skilled local crews and studios, this allows the production team to create a high-quality adaptation while keeping budgets reasonable.

Cloverdale, British Columbia

The town is located on the outskirts of Vancouver and was used as The Biddle House location, the central setting of the show where the main characters live. It is a real Victorian mansion that was built in the late 1800s.

Producers chose the house because of its historic charm and Victorian architecture. Moreover, the team modified the old mansion to create a thrilling environment and make it look more spooky for the Goosebumps 2023 series.

Many of the exterior scenes including the scene where monsters attack the Biddle house and Nathan finds himself possessed by the spirit of teen Harold were filmed at the same mansion along with Slappy dummy and the Night Gaunts, both the creatures were created through CGI.

Whistler Olympic Park, Whistler

Whistler Olympic Park was used to film the winter scenes in the series, such as the episode where the characters go snowmobiling and the Goosebumps circus.

The show’s lead actor Justin Long posted two lovely pictures of him with his fiancee Kate Bosworth on Valentine’s Day 2023 at the same Park.

Justin Long holding his fiancee Kate Bosworth in his arms on Valentine's Day 2023 at Whistler Olympic Park

The Park was built for the 2010 Winter Olympics and has now become a popular tourist attraction because of its beautiful scenery and snow-covered mountains.

Vancouver, British Columbia

The Vancouver Art gallery was used to film the episode where the characters attend a horror movie marathon while the Deep Cove Yacht Club in North Vancouver was used to capture the water scenes including the Port Lawrence Marina, the place where Biddles often go to hang out. You will also notice Deep Cove North Shore Marina in the series, that is also located in Vancouver.

Maple Ridge, British Columbia

The Port Lawrence High School is actually Samuel Robertson Technical Secondary School, which is located in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. The students and staff at SRT were excited to be part of the Goosebumps 2023 series.

Port Lawrence High School in Goosebumps 2023 series

Producers move to SRT because of its modern facilities and close proximity to other shooting locations. SRT is a public high school founded in 1965 and was named after Samuel Robertson, a local businessman who donated his land for the construction of school.

While paying tribute to the iconic 90s show through similar filming locations, the new Goosebumps 2023 ups the scares and modernizes the stories. Utilizing advancements in TV production, practical effects, and CGI, the new series aims to make the villains and monsters even more terrifying for a new generation.

As excitement builds for the Goosebumps 2023 to Disney+, 90s kids can fondly remember the original shows while a whole new generation will get to experience the thrills and chills of R.L. Stine’s classics. Filming in familiar Canadian locations ties together past and present to bring Slappy, werewolves, haunted masks and more to life once again.

Goosebumps 2023 Cast

The main cast of the series is as follows:

  • Zack Morris as Isaiah
  • Isa Briones as Margot
  • Miles McKenna as James
  • Ana Yi Puig as Isabella
  • Rachael Harris as Nora
  • Will Price as Lucas
  • Justin Long as Mr Bratt

What is the new series about?

The five friends must work together to stop the monsters and save their town. They must also learn to trust each other and face their own fears. The show also explores the relationships between the friends and their families, as well as the secrets that they are hiding from each other.

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