Where was Freud’s Last Session filmed? See all Locations

‘Freud’s Last Session’ is a 2023 American drama film takes us through Freud London Study Musuem with its filming locations, but no actual shooting was done in England.

So, where was it filmed? The answer is Ireland and that happened because shooting on location wasn’t budget-friendly.

The movie revolves around the clash between the legendary psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud (Anthony Hopkins) and the brilliant writer C.S. Lewis (Matthew Goode).

The heated dialogue between the two legendary figures take place in Freud’s London on the day, England entered World War II.

Freud’s Last Session Filming Locations

Freud’s Last Session was primarily filmed at the legendary Ardmore Studios in in Bray, Ireland during early 2023.

Freud's Last Session filming locations
Courtsey of SONY Pictures Classics

The exact filming dates are not yet known, but as per our information, the shooting began somewhere in February 2023 and wrapped after three months in April 2023.

Producer Meg Thompson gave fans a behind-the-scenes look by documenting the shoot on her Instagram account.

Bray, Country Wicklow, Ireland

Back in early February 2023, she revealed that construction of Sigmund Freud’s house set was underway at Ardmore Studios in Bray, Ireland where the walls to Sigmund Freud’s house had been constructed on a soundstage.

The crew whipped up a replica of Freud’s London Home (actually located 20 Maresfield Gardens in Hampstead). They created a complete set with Freud’s iconic couch (yep, the one you see in all those memes!).

Sigmund Freud’s real couch (via Wikimedia)

Dublin, Ireland

Soon, the scene shifted to Dublin, with gargoyles taking center stage in the green room, patiently awaiting their big-screen debut, at the famed Gaiety Theatre located off Grafton Street.

Hopkins shared a photo in March, while enjoying the chilly weather in Ireland.

The cast and crew of Freud’s Last Session also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Dublin during their time filming there.

Later in March 2023, the production headed back to Bray for exterior scenes shot in magical wintery forests in the area. The lush greenary was used to film the most intense conversation between two legends of the century.

In mid-April, Thompson posted from picture-perfect Dalkey, another coastal suburb located south of Dublin, indicating filming took place there.

The town of Wicklow and some of its stately homes were also used as backdrops for the shooting of Freud’s Last Session, with Thompson sharing an image of two young actors preparing for their scenes set in 1940s England.

Ireland has emerged has a popular shooting location among filmmakers as can be easily transformed into UK settings.

Some of the recent films that were shot in Ireland but sets in England includes A Very Scottish Christmas, My Norwegian Holiday, and Christmas in Notting Hill.

Whitehead, Northern Ireland

Not everything was confined to the studio. The filmmakers also scouted real-life UK locations to add a touch of authenticity.

As production wrapped up in late April, final scenes were captured in the seaside village of Whitehead in Northern Ireland.

Imagine Freud and Lewis strolling down those streets, their minds buzzing with ideas!

As the shooting of Freud’s Last Session wrapped, Freud Museum also updated on their Instagram that Sigmund Freud’s home has been recreated for the film.

The film was still under post production when director Matt and producer Meg conduced interviews in Freud’s original study, and now you can stream the Freud’s Last Session movie as it has been released in limited US theaters in New York and Los Angeles.

Behind The Scenes

SONY Pictures has presented a complete behind the scenes presentation on their Instagram. You must check this out, if you’re a fan of Anthony Hopkins or Sigmund Freud. These combined clips will literally shake you from inside.

The cinematographers used a technique called “period dressing” to make everything look like 1939.

They also played with lighting and camera angles to create a sense of intimacy and claustrophobia, reflecting the characters’ intense mental duel.

Freud’s Last Session Cast

The main cast of Freud’s Last Session includes:

  • Anthony Hopkins as Sigmund Freud
  • Matthew Goode as C. S. Lewis
  • Jodi Balfour as Dorothy Burlingham
  • Orla Brady as Janie Moore
  • Stephen Campbell Moore as JRR Tolkien
  • Liv Lisa Fries as Anna Freud

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