Freud’s Last Session Where to watch? Is Anthony Hopkins movie on Netflix?

The thought-provoking play Freud’s Last Session opened in select U.S. cinemas on December 22, 2023 in New York and Los Angeles.

This off-Broadway hit imagines a meeting between legendary psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud and Christian author C.S. Lewis.

If you’re planning to watch this intellectual drama, then make sure to checkout the available streaming options if you’re too lazy to visit theaters.

Is Freud’s Last Session on Netflix?

Unfortunately, as of December 2023, Freud’s Last Session is not currently available to stream on Netflix.

Freud's Last Session movie netflix

The streaming giant does host some films and documentaries related to Freud and psychoanalysis like The Weekend Away (2014), Clinical (2017), and The Call (2020), but this specific play is not in their library.

Though, SONY has a deal with the streaming giant that their latest TV shows and movies will be released online on Netflix after its theatrical run, we can expect this faith based film to be released on Netflix in the future.

A release date on Netflix is not yet confirmed like Freelance but, if that happens, we need to wait for around 45-60 days.

Is Anthony Hopkins Movie on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Video might be a streaming mastermind, but this psychological duel isn’t part of their secret lair – at least not yet.

Freud's Last Session on Amazon Prime Video

Though, you can watch lots of suspenseful drama films like The Treatment (2016), and Adieu, Lacan (2022) in the same Prime Video subscription.

Where Can I Stream Freud’s Last Session?

The only way to watch the Freud’s Last Session movie is to buy a ticket at your local cinema.

  • October 27 World Premiere at AFI American Film Institute Film Fest in Hollywood!
  • December 22 Limited release in New York and Los Angeles!
  • January 2024 More theaters in US AND UK!!!
Where can I watch Freud's Last Session
Courtsey of SONY Pictures Classics

Fathom Events has partnered with leading chains like AMC Theatres, Regal Cinemas, and Cinemark Theatres to distribute this special event screening.

Use the Fathom Events site or your favorite theater’s website to find Freud’s Last Session showtimes and purchase tickets.

Don’t miss the thought-provoking philosophical and ethical debate between two intellectual titans coming to the big screen this Christmas season.

The Blu-ray version of the movie is expected to release soon on digital stores like Amazon and Walmart like Justin Timberlake’s Palmer.

Digital Purchase

While Freud’s Last Session isn’t on major streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime, you can digitally rent or buy recordings of the play through online stores like Vimeo and BroadwayHD.

These sites allow you to stream the play on-demand for a single viewing or download it to watch multiple times.

So even though finding this Anthony Hopkins film isn’t as easy as queuing it up on Netflix, you still have digital options to watch this intellectual discourse between two legendary thinkers.

The conversation spanning religion, psychoanalysis, and the meaning of life remains intriguing decades later. So, that’s not something, you wanna miss.

Can I watch Freud’s Last Session for Free?

No, you cannot watch the film for free because it’s not available on any platform that offers free streaming like TUBI. But if you are already a TUBI user, you can watch Psychoanalysis (2015), That Uncertain Feeling (1941), Mahler on the Couch (2010), and Jimmy P: Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian (2013).

Freud’s Last Session Review

Imagine two mind-bending giants, Freud (think Sherlock Holmes of the mind) and Lewis (the Narnia king with words), facing off in a super-charged chat. No ordinary school debate, this!

They’re wrestling with giant questions like “Does God exist?” and “What makes us tick?” It’s like watching fireworks of ideas explode on the screen!

Anthony Hopkins, the acting chameleon, plays Freud like a grumpy grandpa with a million theories. Matthew Goode, the charming Brit, gives Lewis a twinkle in his eye and a way with words that’ll make your jaw drop. Their back-and-forth is like a ping-pong match with lightning bolts – fast, sharp, and full of surprises!

Now, don’t expect spaceships and explosions. This movie’s a thinking adventure, where the battleground is inside their heads. But trust me, it’s more exciting than any laser fight! You’ll be guessing, gasping, and maybe even scribbling down your own theories in a notebook (like a junior detective!).

So, is it worth your time? If you’re up for a movie that’ll bend your brain and leave you thinking long after the credits roll, then “Freud’s Last Session” is your jam. Just grab your popcorn, your curiosity cap, and get ready for a wild ride inside the minds of two legends!

P.S. Parents, this one’s best for older kids who like to think. Younger viewers might get a little lost in the grown-up talk. But hey, maybe it’ll spark some family discussions about big ideas – wouldn’t that be cool?

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