Is Palmer movie on Netflix or Amazon Prime? Where to stream Palmer?

Palmer movie is not an ordinary film. It is a story that delves into the depths of human emotion, exploring themes of redemption, family, and second chances.

The film stars Justin Timberlake as Eddie Palmer, a former high school football star who returns home after 12 years in prison and is determined to build his life.

On his way, he forms an unlikely bond with Sam (Ryder Allen), a young boy ostracized by his classmates.

If you want to watch the emotional story of redemption and connection unfold, here are your streaming options to watch Palmer movie online in the US.

Is Palmer movie on Netflix?

No, Palmer movie is not currently available to stream on Netflix. The streaming giant does host a wide variety of movies in the drama genre, but Palmer is not included among them.

palmer movie on netflix
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But you can watch various other similar inspirational films on Netflix like:

The Tender Bar (2021)

This coming-of-age drama tells the story of a young man who seeks father figures at his uncle’s bar, forming unique relationships with the patrons. It shares similar themes of family, second chances, and finding your place in the world.

Falling (2019)

This drama explores the complexities of family relationships as an elderly man and his son grapple with their differences and past hurts. It shares similar themes of family dynamics and the challenges of aging.

Four Good Days (2020)

This drama follows a mother struggling with drug addiction as her estranged daughter attempts to help her get clean. It shares similar themes of addiction, forgiveness, and the power of family bonds.

Triumph (2021)

This British comedy-drama tells the story of a middle-aged man who trains his overweight Labrador Retriever to compete in a dog sledding race. It shares similar themes of overcoming challenges, second chances, and the human-animal bond, like “Palmer.”

Is Palmer on Hulu?

Hulu subscribers will also be disappointed to find that Palmer is not included in Hulu’s on-demand library. The service remains popular for streaming TV series rather than feature films.

Palmer film showing Timberlake walking out of Prison with teary eyes
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But there are a few good films that you can stream with your Hulu subscription like:

The Fundamentals of Caring (2016)

A man grappling with tragedy and loss becomes a caregiver for a disabled teenager. They embark on a road trip with a sassy yet grounded young woman, confronting challenges, healing, and forming strong bonds.

Sound of Metal (2019)

A heavy-metal drummer’s life is dramatically altered when he experiences sudden hearing loss, forcing him to confront a new reality and find connection in the deaf community.

Hillbilly Elegy (2020)

A Yale Law student from a humble Appalachian background grapples with complex family dynamics, past burdens, and his own ambitions amidst his personal journey.

Is Palmer on Amazon Prime Video?

Much like Netflix and Hulu, Palmer is not accessible on Amazon Prime’s platform either. However, Prime members can choose to add the Palmer movie to their account for an additional fee.

Where to watch Palmer movie?

Palmer is an Apple original film and is exclusively streaming for Apple TV+ subscribers throughout the world. If you have an Apple TV+ subscription, you can easily watch the Palmer movie online for free.

If you don’t have a plus subscription, you can take that now because there is no way to watch Palmer movie without Apple TV Plus inside the United States. A standard subscription costs around $6.99* per month. You can also avail a free 7-day trial if you’re a new subscriber to Apple.

Where to watch Palmer movie online free
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With an Apple TV+ subscription, you can also access Apple’s expanding catalog of original films like Ruby Rossi movie Coda, Night Hunter Team Bride, The Infernal Machine, Black Bird, Parker, Ordinary Angels, and popular TV shows like Ted Lasso, Criminal Record, and The Morning Show.

The Apple TV app is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple TV 4K and HD, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, and select smart TVs.

Is there a way to watch Palmer online for Free?

Sadly, there’s no way to stream Palmer movie for free because the film is exclusively streaming for Apple TV+ subscribers.

If you’re planning to watch this amazing film, starring Justin Timberlake, then you’ll need an active Apple TV+ subscription. That’s the only way to watch this film right now.

When Will Palmer Be on DVD or Digital?

While Apple TV+ remains the only place to stream Palmer presently, the movie will eventually release on digital platforms for purchase or rental after its streaming exclusivity window closes.

It’s also likely that physical media like Blu-ray and DVD copies of Palmer will arrive later this year for those who want to own the emotional drama. So more viewing options for the film should open up down the road after its run on Apple TV+.

Is Palmer movie worth watching?

“Palmer” is a touching and thought-provoking film, but it’s not without flaws. The uneven pacing and familiar narrative may leave some viewers wanting more.

However, Timberlake and Allen’s performances elevate the film, and the ending resonated with me long after the credits rolled. It’s a story that stays with you, prompting reflection on the choices we make and the consequences we face.

Is Palmer movie worth watching
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So, my final verdict? “Palmer” is a movie that speaks to everyone. It’s about second chances, about the kindness of strangers, and about the power of believing in yourself, even when things get tough.

Plus, Justin Timberlake is in it, and let’s be real, that guy can rock any role, even one with a beard that looks like it hasn’t seen a comb in years.

This movie will make you laugh, cry, and maybe even change your perspective on the world. Just remember, sometimes, the most unexpected friendships are the ones that matter most.

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

P.S. If you’re looking for similar films that explore themes of redemption and unlikely bonds, check out “The Shawshank Redemption,” “Gran Torino,” “Bastard Out of Carolina,” and “A Million Little Pieces.”

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