Where was Christmas Under Wraps filmed? See Filming Locations and Cast

The feel-good Hallmark holiday movie “Christmas Under Wraps” has become a seasonal favorite since its 2014 release.

Starring Candace Cameron Bure as Dr. Lauren Brunell and David O’Donnell as Andy Holliday, this charming Christmas story was filmed on location in various small towns around Utah.

As Dr. Brunell finds herself unexpectedly spending the holidays in the quaint town of Garland while working at the local clinic, viewers are taken to the beautiful shots of snow-capped mountains and quirky small-town characters.

Christmas Under Wraps is from Hybrid and Production Media Group, Peter Sullivan has directed the film from the screenplay of Jennifer Notas Shapiro and story of Jeffrey Schenck, George Erschbamer, Barbara Fixx, and Jeffrey Barmash.

Christmas Under Wraps Filming Locations

Christmas Under Wraps was primarily filmed in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. Principal shooting began in August 2014 and wrapped after three weeks in September 2014. Kendra Mylnechuk spent about three weeks on the filming set during the shooting, as per Oregon Live.

The actress also revealed that the Hallmark movie was filmed on a tight timeline and the max number of takes were two for every scene. So, the cast and crew members were already prepared to face the cameras without any rehearsal.

Salt Lake City, Utah

The story of the movie unfolds in the fictional town of Garland, Alaska at a place where Lauren arrives to spend her holidays. While Garland may be a product of the screenwriter’s imagination, the stunning backdrop for this fictitious town is very much real.

Christmas Under Wraps filming in Salt Lake City, Utah
Courtsey of Hallmark

In the vibrant heart of Salt Lake City, the production crew transformed the urban cityscape into a magical winter wonderland. Twinkling lights and festive décor adorned the streets, setting the stage for bustling scenes brimming with Yuletide cheer.

From flashy downtown stores to cozy cafés decked out for the holidays, Salt Lake City shone bright as the perfect backdrop for big city holiday hustle and bustle.

The capital of Utah has been featured in multiple Hallmark movies like Christmas Land, The Mistletoe Secret, and A Cozy Christmas Inn.

Payson, Utah

In the snow-globe perfection of Payson, it was as though we stepped into the pages of a Christmas tale. At the focal point sat Payson’s charming Main Street, serving as the ideal stand-in for the fictional small town of Garland.

Colorful mom-and-pop shops flanked the downtown thoroughfare, blanketed in frosted winter beauty. With snow-dusted rooftops and flickering lanterns, this mountain community evoked the picture-perfect essence of a close-knit Christmas village.

Heber City, Utah

Located 43 miles away from the main filming site, there lies a country seat of Wasatch country in UT. Snow-laden trees and frozen lakes transformed this mountain getaway into a magical wonderland, bringing the Alaska snowscapes vibrantly to life.

Majestic vistas stretched to the horizon, with twinkling flakes drifting under bluebird skies. From snow-capped peaks to ice-lined waterways, Heber City delivered quintessential winter splendor.

Who’s in the cast of Christmas Under Wraps?

Candace Cameron Bure as Dr. Lauren Brunell

Candace Cameron Bure during the filming of Christmas Under Wraps

Lauren is a dedicated physician whose aspirations for a prestigious fellowship are dashed. When she is sent to work in a remote Alaskan town, she finds herself facing the challenges of small-town life and developing unexpected feelings for a charming local man.

Robert Pine as Henry Brunell

Henry is in the role of Lauren’s supportive father, who encourages her to embrace new experiences and find happiness in unexpected places.

David O’Donnell as Andy Holiday

Donnell brings his comedic charm to the role of Andy, the quirky townspeople who befriends Lauren and helps her settle into her new surroundings.

Other cast members of Christmas Under Wraps movie is as follows:

  • Kendra Mylnechuk as Billie
  • Brian Doyle-Murray as Frank Holliday
  • Joyce Cohen as Maggie Brunell
  • Page Petrucka as Hattie
  • James Gaisford as Wyatt
  • Anita Rice as Faith Holliday
  • Robert Bear as Clay
  • Bryce Fernelius as Nate
  • Jacque Gray as Melissa
  • Darren Ewing as Lester
  • Christian Tyler as Martin
  • Timothy S. Shoemaker as Scott (as Tim Shoemaker)
  • James Jamison as Dr. Johnson
  • Logan Rogan as Worker
  • Jessica Villeneuve as Nurse Joanne
  • Julie-Anne Liechty as Career Counselor
  • Wendy Olson as Hospital Secretary
  • Trenton James as Ben
  • April Girard as Patient
  • Marilynn Lewis as Woman on Street
  • Cory Dangerfield as Mr. Winn
  • Sage Adler as Daughter in Waiting Room
  • Nathan Sears as Man at Diner (as Nate Sears)
  • Parker Logan Sullivan as Ethan
  • Jerome Brad Halgren as Patient
  • Wink the Reindeer as Rudy
  • Renny Grames as Wife in Waiting Room #2
  • Jennifer McKenna Davis as Waitress
  • Michael McQuain as Medical Clinic Patient
  • Jennifer Pientka as Town Local

Where to watch Christmas Under Wraps?

The Hallmark original movie Christmas Under Wraps is set to premiere on Hallmark Channel on Nov 29, 2023 at 6/5c, Dec 17, 2023 at 6a/5c, and Dec 30, 2023 at 2a/1c inside the United States.

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