Where was 1923 filmed? See all Filming Locations & Cast Details

1923 is another prequel series to Yellowstone and is preceded by 1883. The The western drama television series takes us to the era when America was suffering from various hardships including Prohibition, Western Expansion, and the great depression.

The Great Depression was an economic shock that lasted between 1929-1939 and impacted most countries across the world but Montana faced its impact a decade earlier. When 1883 focused on the establishment of Duttons Ranch, 1923 will be about highlighting their descendants.

Taylor Sheridan has created the western drama series for the Paramount Network. Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford are starring in the lead roles of Cara and Jacob Dutton. Bob Yari, John Linson, David C. Glasser, Art Linson, Ben Richardson, Taylor Sheridan and Ron Burkle are executive producers.

1923 Filming Locations

Yellowstone’s prequel series 1923 was filmed at a total of 13 different locations, nine of them can be found within Montana. Likewise Yellowstone, Montana serves as the major filming location of the series where most of the shooting took place.

1923 series filming locations
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The towns and cities of the US state include Park City, Whitehall, Pony, Butte Anaconda, Valier, Deer Lodge, Dillon, and Hamilton. Montana is an important location because this is also the place where the whole series sets in.

Some scenes where Spencer can be seen hunting in the dense forests was shot inside Namibia, South Africa. When Spencer was asked about his experience in Namibia, he said that Montana is the mountain version of this place.

The rest of the filming where other characters are meeting abroad were filmed in Kenya, Tanzania, Afganistan, Malta and in some parts of Europe. Principal filming began in August 2022 across the same filming locations as Yellowstone and wrapped around Oct 2022.

Who’s in the cast of Yellowstone prequel?

Helen Mirren is starring as Cara Dutton, the wife of Jacob Dutton or the matriarch of the Dutton family. Harrison Ford is Jacob, the husband of Cara, brother of James Dutton or the patriarch of the Dutton’s ranch. The couple has no children on their own but they raised John (elder son) and Spencer (younger son) as their own children.

Where was 1923 filmed
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Brandon Sklenar is Spencer Dutton, the younger son of Cara and Jacob in the yellowstone prequel while Julia Schlaepfer is starring in the role of Alexandra who meets Spencer in Africa. Isabel May is the narrator, Elsa Dutton who has also played the same role in 1883.

Where can I watch 1923?

1923 is exclusively streaming on Paramount+ for its subsribers. The first episode premiered on the Paramount+ on 18 Dec 2022, second on 25 Dec, and similarly, episode 3 will be released on the New Year day 2023.

How to watch 1923 series online
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The series will have a total of ten episodes and a new episode will come out every Sunday until the season 1 finale premiere on 19 Feb 2022. Viewers with a valid subsription to the Paramount network can watch all the episodes on a weekly basis.

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