Where to watch Wolf Creek 2? Is it on Netflix or Amazon?

Wolf Creek 2 is the gruesome 2013 sequel to the hugely popular Australian horror film Wolf Creek from 2005.

Twelve years after the events of the first film, the sequel continues the terrifying story of Mick Taylor (played by John Jarratt), who brutally tortured a group of backpackers in the first movie in the Australian outback.

The film is directed and co-written by Greg McLean with Aaron Sterns as screenwriter, and is based on original characters created by McLean himself.

If you’re a fan of slasher films and looking to stream Wolf Creek 2 in the United States, here are your best options.

Is Wolf Creek 2 on Netflix?

Wolf Creek 2 is not currently streaming on Netflix inside US, but is available to stream on Netflix inside Australia. Lucky, you Aussie!

Wolf Creek 2 Netflix

The first movie was briefly on Netflix US a few years ago, but has since been removed like The Cabin in the Woods (2011), Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, Midsommar (2019), The Night House (2021), Shaun of the Dead (2004), It Follows (2015), etc.

Is Wolf Creek sequel on Hulu?

While Hulu has a wide selection of horror movies in its streaming library, Wolf Creek sequel is not one of them. The movie is not available on either Hulu’s basic on-demand streaming plan or the Hulu + Live TV package.

However, you can watch many amazing thrilling series like Everything Everywhere all at once (2022), The Ring (2002), Hunger Games, Midsommar (2019), etc. with a Hulu subscription.

Is Greg McLean’s horror film on Max?

No, Max does not have any Wolf Creek 2 in its current movie lineup and also, no announcements have been made regarding its arrival on the streaming network.

Many popular shows have been removed from the streaming platform in recent months, including fan favorite Westworld series that sets in the futuristic world of 2050s.

Where to watch Wolf Creek 2?

Wolf Creek 2 is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video in the US and Canada! If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can watch this gory Outback slasher movie as part of your subscription right now.

Wolf Creek 2 showing Ryan Corr as Paul tied on a chair by Mick Taylor
via Prime Video

Moreover, you can watch the Wolf Creek 2 for free on TUBI inside the United States. Both Wolf Creek movies are available on TUBI, the ad-supported streaming platform.

CountryStreaming Network
United States (US)Prime Video, Hoopla, TUBI (free with ads)
Canada (CA)Prime Video, Hoopla
United Kindom (UK)Plex
Australia (Aus)Netflix, Stan
France (FR)Amazon Prime Video

If you want to watch the Wolf Creek film but don’t have access to it through an streaming service subscription, you can rent or purchase it through online platforms like:

  • iTunes – You can buy for $12.99 or rent it for $3.99 on iTunes.
  • Vudu – Rent in HD on Vudu for $3.99 or purchase it for $9.99.
  • YouTube – Available to rent in HD for $3.99 or buy for $12.99 on YouTube.
  • Google Play – Rent or buy the movie in up to 1080p quality on Google Play.
  • Microsoft Store – Purchase and download in up to 4K quality from the Microsoft digital movie store.

Where to Stream the First Wolf Creek Movie?

The original 2005 Wolf Creek movie is also difficult to find streaming. It’s not on Netflix or Hulu but you can rent or buy it from digital platforms like iTunes, Vudu, Amazon Video, and YouTube. To watch both Wolf Creek movies, your best bet is to rent/buy them from the same digital platform.

CountryStreaming Network
United States (US)Pluto TV, Freevee, TUBI
Canada (CA)TUBI, Plex
United Kindom (UK)Rent on Sky Store for £3.49
Australia (Aus)Paramount+, Stan
France (FR)Rent/Purchase on demand

What is Wolf Creek movie about?

The original Wolf Creek movie follows a group of backpackers who are stalked by a killer while hiking in the Australian outback. Part 2 picks up with the killer, Mick Taylor continuing his murderous spree on more unsuspecting victims.

It is a well-made film with excellent cinematography and editing. The film’s score is also very effective, and it helps to create a sense of dread and suspense.

Will there be a Wolf Creek 3?

Yes, a third film is currently under development but details have been kept under the wraps.

But we are fans, let’s speculate the plot for the upcoming film.

Wolf Creek 3 will focus on a new group of backpackers hiking in an Australian forest, unaware of the dangers of the outback, they will end up being targeted by Mick Taylor.

Mick Taylor in Wolf Creek 2
via Prime Video

Or, we could see the flashback story of Mick where we can see the circumstances that transformed an old man into a bloodthirsty scavanger.

There are infinite possibilities, we might not even able to see John Jaratt starring as Mick Taylor if filmmakers decide to continue the film without him, just like Wentworth Miller has been opt out from Prison Break Season 6 at Hulu.

But if that happens, many fans are not going to watch it. So, Hell no!! to that possibility.

Returning back to the original plot, it would be great if the threequel will continue the story after Wolf Creek 2 ended.

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