Prison Break Season 6 Confirmed at Hulu without Micahel and Lincoln

Prison Break fans were eagerly waiting the release date of Prison Break Season 6 after watching the cliffhanger ending to season 5 but unfortunately, it won’t be happening.

That’s what we thought before November 2023. But now, we have some fresh updates regarding the arrival of a new season of Prison Break.

The hit action drama series concluded its fifth season on a major cliffhanger that has fans buzzing about the potential for a sixth season.

Prison Break originally ran from 2005-2009, was revived in 2017 for a 9-episode fifth season that saw original characters Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows reunite for another high-stakes prison escape plan.

The fifth season season ended with poseurs of Michael and Lincoln wanted for murder and on the run, leaving fans questioning whether the show will return for a sixth season.

Fox was considering renewing the show for Season 6 based on the successful ratings for Season 5, which pulled in an average of 4.4 million viewers per episode but later on, the show was cancelled, Why?

About Prison Break

Created by Paul Scheuring, Prison Break is a legal drama series that revolves around two brothers: Michael and Lincoln, wrongfully imprisoned for a crime they didn’t commit. The show follows their daring escape plans over the course of five seasons. Despite initial plans to release a Prison Break Season 6 to provide a satisfying conclusion, the show was cancelled abruptly.

Prison Break Season 6 Release Date

Deadline has confirmed that Mayans MC co-creator and executive producer Elgin James is working to revive the fan favorite series. It is a sequel to the original work, and will be released on Hulu.

Will there be a season 6 of Prison Break
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Since the project is currently in the works and the scripts aren’t ready yet, we can expect Prison Break season 6 to be released around 2025. It won’t have the main characters, that broke my heart but that’s how we will be able to see more story in the world of Prison Break.

Will There Be a Season 6 of Prison Break?

No, there won’t be a sixth season of Prison Break. The original network, Fox, cancelled the series after Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller, key cast members, decided to walk away, as reported by Deadline.

The same Deadline has reported that the series is returning at Hulu and this news is so huge that Dominic Purcell has to post an update on his Instagram that a new iteration of “Prison Break” is in early stages of production without Dom and Linc are out.

However, back in May 2017, FOX TV Group CEO Dana Walden had hinted at the network’s intention to release additional episodes aka Prison Break Season 6 on the way.

On December 12, 2017, Purcell announced that Prison Break season 6 was in early production.

Fox Entertainment president, Michael Thorn, confirmed on January 4, 2018, that a new iteration was in development, but it would not feature Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller.

Moreover, on March 12, 2018, Paul T. Scheuring, the series creator, stated on Twitter that the script work for Prison Break season 6 had been completed.

Despite ongoing production updates from Purcell in February 2019, the hopes of a new season were dashed in August 2019 when Fox CEO Charlie Collier revealed that there were no plans to release Prison Break season 6, and the series was officially cancelled.

In November 2020, Wentworth Miller revealed in an interview that he was done with the Prison Break forever. He said, “I’m out.

This decision was made despite the fervent requests from millions of fans to revive the show. So, what could led to the cancelltion of this wonderful drama series that every crime drama fan was enjoying.

Why was Prison Break cancelled?

The primary reason for the cancellation of Prison Break season 6 was the departure of Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell from the cast. As the story had already concluded, another season wasn’t deemed necessary.

Prison Break season 6 cast featuring all main characters
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Some fans even expressed dissatisfaction with season 5, leading them to believe that it was better to leave the series without further installments.

While some fans may be content with this decision, most are disappointed to bid farewell to their favorite suspenseful and mysterious drama series like Fatal Attraction series on Paramount+.

Cast of Prison Break Season 5

One of the highlights of Season 5 was the return of villain T-Bag, played expertly by Robert Knepper. T-Bag brought his trademark wit and nastiness that fans loved to hate from the original run. Sarah Wayne Callies also reprised her role as Sara Tancredi, Michael’s love interest. New characters Sheriff Van Gogh (Mark Feuerstein) and A&W (Marina Benedict) added intrigue and danger.

If some other network like Netflix or Amazon picks up the series and brings another installment. Then, Prison Break Season 6 is likely to feature the same cast except for the main roles as they left the show intentionally.

What can be the plot of Prison Break Season 6?

Season 6 could see Michael and Lincoln continue to be fugitives while trying to clear their names. Sara may be suspected of aiding them. T-Bag could continue his vendetta against the brothers. Fans are eager to have their unanswered questions addressed, and hope to see their favorite characters return for more prison break action.

What will happen in Prison Break season 6
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With its devoted fanbase and renewed popularity, ‘Prison Break’ is primed for a potential Season 6 comeback. The show’s themes of escape, redemption, and brotherhood still resonate. And the cliffhanger ending was a tantalizing tease that Fox would be wise to build on. For now, fans anxiously await news of renewal as they binge-watch past seasons on Hulu. One thing is certain – this addictive drama still has more story to tell.

Alternative for Prison Break Fans: Wentworth Season 9

There’s good news for fans who enjoyed Prison Break, Netflix offers a similar series that falls within the same genre.

If you’re seeking a show as captivating as the one you just finished, then your next show should be Wentworth.

Eight seasons of the series have been already aired and a ninth season of Wentworth in progress, as per reports. It promises to provide a thrilling and engaging experience akin to your beloved Prison Break.

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