Where to stream The Hating Game? Is it on Netflix or Amazon Prime?

The Hating Game is an American romantic drama directed by Peter Hutchings whose story is based on the novel by Sally Thorne. It moves around an ambitious young woman named Lucy who wants to achieve huge success without compromising her moral values.

But as she applied for a job, she finds her colleague Joshua on the same path and soon a rivalry developed between them for the same job.

The film is heartwarming and calm as well which will take you a long way if you love watching romantic movies but the real question is where can you watch the movie online?

Where to watch The Hating Game movie?

The Hating Game is currently streaming on Hulu, Hoopla, and Kanopy inside the United States. You can also rent or purchase the movie from VOD platforms like iTunes, Microsoft Store, VUDU, Spectrum, Google Play, and DirecTV just like Kevin Hart’s comedy special: Laugh at my Pain starring Taraji.

The Hating Game is now streaming on Hulu

The movie become available on Hulu after 45 days of theatrical release(10 Dec 2021) as it was distributed under Vertical Entertainment. You can also purchase a DVD or Blu-Ray if you are willing to watch the movie on big screens.

Is the Hating Game on Netflix?

No, the movie is not yet streaming on Netflix and is not expected to arrive on the streaming platform in the near future. However, there is a heap of romantic dramas in the giant library of Netflix such as The Princess Switch, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Holiday in the Wild, Candy Jar, Unfaithful, Twilight, Indecent Proposal, etc.

Does Amazon Prime Video have The Hating Game?

Unfortunately, Prime Video subscribers cannot access the movie on the streaming platform as it is not included in the subscription plan. Neither the movie is streaming on the platform nor it is featured in the on demand section where you can rent/purchase the film. Alternatively, you can watch 500 Days of Summer, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2023, The Big Sick, Brittany Runs a Marathon, etc.


  • Lucy Hale as Lucy Hutton
  • Austin Stowell as Joshua Templeman
  • Sakina Jaffrey as Helen
  • Yasha Jackson as Julie
  • Nicholas Baroudi as Patrick
  • Tania Asnes as Annabelle
  • Corbin Bernsen as Bexley
  • Billy Thomas Myott as Mack


The Hating Game is based on the novel of the same name by Sally Thorne and stars Lucy Hale and Austin Stowell as the leads. Hale plays Lucy Hutton, an executive at a book publishing company who is forced to share office space with her rival Joshua Templeton, played by Stowell. The two compete for a promotion while trying to hide their growing romantic feelings for each other.

The supporting cast includes Gina Torres as Lucy’s boss, Robbie Amell as Lucy’s brother, and Alison Janney in a scene-stealing role as the office busybody. The plot follows Lucy and Joshua’s escalating pranks and mind games as they try to one-up each other on their way to a promotion. Underneath their rivalry is an undeniable attraction.

The Hating Game review

Hale and Stowell have great chemistry as the bickering coworkers who can’t admit they’re falling for each other. Their banter and comedic timing make the enemies-to-lovers trope feel fresh. Janney is hilarious as the office gossip stirring up trouble. overall, The Hating Game sticks closely to the classic romantic comedy formula but the charming leads and witty script make it an enjoyable watch.

I’d give The Hating Game 3 out of 5 stars. While predictable, Hale and Stowell elevate the material with their charisma and comedic skills. It’s a fun, breezy rom-com carried by the entertaining performances even if the story offers few surprises. Fans of the book or enemies-to-lovers plots will find it a light, frothy good time.

Lakshya Kaushik

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