Here’s how to watch 2023 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame if you missed the premiere

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is one of the most iconic music events of the year, and the 2023 ceremony was no exception. This year marks the 38th annual event that takes place at the Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York.

With inductees like Kate Bush, Sheryl Crow, Missy Elliott, Rage Against the Machine, and Eurythmics, the night was full of crazy performances and emotional speeches.

If you missed the grand premiere on November 3rd, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Thousands of people have missed the chance to stream the event live but there are still a few ways to stream the ceremony right now.

How can I watch the 2023 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

The 2023 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony was live streamed on Disney+ on Nov 3, starting at 8 PM EDT inside US. It was announced that the ceremony will be available on-demand on Disney+ after the livestream.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Where to watch

The event is now available to stream on Disney+ and if you have a plus subscription, you can watch the full event at any time. You can also listen to the audio of the ceremony on Apple Music.

Moreover, ABC will air a two-hour primetime special on Jan 1, 2024 that will feature some heartwarming moments and performance highlights from the Friday’s induction ceremony. The special will be released on Jan 2, 2024 on Hulu and Disney+ inside the United States.

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Meet all the performing inductees

George Michael: Chart-Topping Talent Who Broke Barriers

George Michael’s induction acknowledges his pop brilliance and cultural impact. First in Wham! and later solo, Michael dominated airwaves and defined ’80s pop with irresistible hits like “Faith.” His talents extended behind the mic as a songwriter and producer.

While at the peak of fame, Michael courageously came out as gay, risking his career to live authentically and open doors for LGBTQ artists. His tragic early passing only underlines his legacy as a barrier-breaking pop titan. Michael’s induction places him among the most accomplished and influential artists in British music history.

Kate Bush

Kate Bush’s induction into the Rock Hall cements her pioneering legacy. Bush exerted an artistic vision and control over her music unmatched by her contemporaries. Her haunting voice and avant-garde art pop inspired artists across genres. Bush wrote and performed literary, emotionally complex songs like the Gothic “Wuthering Heights.”

Her only live concertsfeatured interpretive dance and theater. Bush disappeared from the limelight yet returned four decades later when “Running Up That Hill” soundtracked a pivotal moment in Stranger Things. The song became a hit again, proving the timelessness of Bush’s envelope-pushing artistry. She now takes her rightful place among rock’s innovators.

Sheryl Crow: Singer, Songwriter, Musician – American Rock Polymath

Few artists demonstrate the scope of Sheryl Crow’s talents. Before stepping into the spotlight, Crow proved herself as an ace session player and songwriter for stars like Michael Jackson. On her smash debut Tuesday Night Music Club, she handled vocals, guitar, bass, and more.

Crow displayed eclectic tastes spanning classic rock, pop, country and more while tackling themes from fun heartache to political outrage. She continued topping charts and exploring new sounds over the ensuing decades. Both Sheryl Crow the recording artist and behind-the-scenes musician receive long-overdue kudos with her induction into rock’s pantheon.

Rage Against the Machine

Rage Against the Machine weaponized their music for revolutionary change. Their rap-metal fusion was unprecedented, with Tom Morello’s effects-heavy guitar and Zach de la Rocha’s fiery rhymes. RATM tackled political issues like government oppression and police brutality in defiant anthems like “Killing in the Name.”

On stage, their electrifying presence connected with fans frustrated by social injustice. RATM lived their anti-establishment ethos through activism and benefit concerts supporting causes like indigenous rights. While their recording output was limited, their influence remains indelible. RATM’s induction recognizes their sonic innovation and ongoing fight for justice.

Willie Nelson: Outlaw Country Legend Earns Overdue Recognition

Few artists embody the country outlaw spirit like Willie Nelson. For over sixty years, Nelson has cultivated country traditions while expanding the genre’s boundaries. An ace songwriter, he penned classics for stars before forging his own idiosyncratic identity.

Nelson’s jazz and blues influences shone on masterworks like Red Headed Stranger. Joining Waylon Jennings and others, Nelson led country music’s defiant outlaw movement.

Alongside his prolific recording career, Nelson has advocated for family farmers and supported humanitarian efforts. With his induction, the Hall of Fame finally recognizes Nelson’s sweeping musical contributions and outsider spirit.

Missy Elliott

Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott has finally received her due as she enters the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2023. The hip-hop icon and visionary producer broke barriers for female rappers with her futuristic sound, creative visuals, and infectious attitude. Elliott didn’t follow the trends – she set them with hits like “The Rain,” “Get Ur Freak On,” and “Work It.”

Her production shaped the sounds of Aaliyah, Beyoncé, and other legends. Beyond her musical innovations, Elliott has championed female empowerment in a male-dominated genre. With her induction, the Hall of Fame recognizes Elliott’s indelible influence across hip-hop and popular music.

The Spinners: Bringing Heart and Harmony to R&B Legends

A long overdue honor, the Spinners’ induction recognizes their standing as one of history’s greatest R&B groups. Their sweet soul harmonies and heartfelt love songs earned them the nickname the “Detroit Spinners.” After signing with Atlantic, they helped define the Philly soul sound.

The Spinners unleashed a string of ‘70s smashes like “I’ll Be Around” and “The Rubberband Man” under producer Thom Bell. Though personnel changed, their tight vocal blend and romantic themes endured over decades. With Pop and Northern soul hits alike, the consummate professionals of the Spinners at last take their rightful place among R&B royalty.

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