The Bank Heist Movie Taraji Where to Watch? Is it on Netflix?

Discover where to watch the bank heist scene from Kevin Hart’s “Laugh at My Pain” and get a brief overview of the hilarious skit featuring Taraji P. Henson.

If you are a die-hard fan of Kevin Hart then you probably remember that the two were seen together in Kevin’s 2011 stand-up comedy film Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain.

Also, a small robbery scene was shown at the end where Kevin breaks into a bank with the gang of his novice robbers and confronts Taraji. The scene was added after the theatrical release of the special and that’s why, many Hart fans have missed it but worry not, you can watch that now.

Where to watch the bank heist movie?

Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain is available to rent or purchase from DirecTV and AMC on demand. It is not streaming on any of the streaming networks like Netflix, Hulu, MAX, Disney+, Amazon Prime, or Peacock but you can stream Die Hart on Amazon Prime Video if you have a subscription.

About The Bank Heist Scene in Kevin Hart’s movie

The scene appears at the end of film and is a comedic skit where Hart is making fun of the bank heist genre.

Here is a brief description of the skit:

Kevin Hart and his gang of bumbling bank robbers burst into the bank, wearing masks and carrying guns. They order everyone to the ground and demand all of the money.

Bank Heist movie Taraji in robbery scene
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However, the robbers are quickly overwhelmed by the sheer number of people in the bank. They also have trouble vaulting the counter, and they end up getting stuck.

The police arrive and surround the bank. Hart and his gang try to negotiate their surrender, but they are unable to reach an agreement. Eventually, the police storm the bank and arrest the robbers. This bank heist scene is full of humor and the moment when Kevin confronts Taraji is so hilarious that can even make laugh a cry baby.

Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain

The 2011 comedy special showcases the comedian at the height of his powers. Filmed in Hart’s hometown of Philadelphia, the special captures Hart’s infectious energy and hilarious perspective as he delves into stories about his life growing up, family, relationships, stardom, and more.

Known for his physical comedy and animated delivery, Hart is a burst of charisma on stage. He shares intimate details from his personal life, from the hard lessons he learned from his father to the infidelity scandal that led to his divorce.

Hart confronts these topics with searing honesty, finding the humor in even the most painful moments. His raucous, self-deprecating style makes the audience feel like he’s talking to them personally.

Kevin Hart in Die Hart movie that is free on ROKU
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Laugh at My Pain crackles with electricity between Hart and the enthusiastic Philadelphia crowd. He masterfully improvises based on their reactions, riffing on audience members and seamlessly weaving current events into his routine.

Cameos from stars like Taraji P. Henson add to the feeling that the audience is getting a raw, behind-the-scenes look at Hart’s life. Other notable cast includes Will Horton, Douglas Griffin, etc.

While Laugh at My Pain explores serious topics, Hart’s buoyant spirit and sharp wit make the show interesting. It highlights not only his comedic skills, but his talents as a storyteller.

The special earned Hart new legions of fans, underscoring his place as one of the most dynamic comedians working today. For both devoted Kevin Hart fans and those new to his unique brand of humor, Laugh at My Pain is a must-watch. The bank heist scene has only added charm to this comedy documentary film.

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