Is Top Gun 1986 on Netflix or Amazon Prime?

Fans are returning with happy faces from the theaters after watching Top Gun 2 but the real story of Captain Maverick dates back 36 years old when the first Top Gun movie was released in 1986. Maverick is exclusively streaming inside cinemas worldwide and crossed $900M mark under a budget $170M.

This sequel film sets 30 years after the wonderful service of Captain Pete but if you don’t know the first movie then you probably have a hard time understanding why Pete doesn’t want his best friend’s son Brad Rooster to get admitted in the US Air Force but where can you watch the movie?

Is Top Gun (1986) on Netflix?

Unfortunately, the first Top Gun is not streaming on Netflix right now.

The movie has just left the platform on 31 May 2022 and is no longer available to stream in the giant content library of Netflix.

First Top Gun 1986 Netflix

However, there are other movies which will give you the similar thrill as Interceptor, Black Crab, Tears of the Sun, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, Saving Private Ryan, American Sniper, Spiderhead, Red Dawn, Da 5 Bloods, etc.

Can I watch Top Gun on Amazon Prime?

Yes, Prime Video subscribers are in luck because the Top Gun (1986 film) is streaming on Amazon Prime Video with no extra cost for subscribers.

Top gun Amazon Prime

The Maverick Top Gun will be also released on the same streaming platform in the near future but currently it is running in the theaters only.

Where to watch the first Top Gun (1986) movie?

The first Top Gun Movie is now streaming on Paramount+ and Amazon Prime Video for its subscribers. The sequel film will be also released on a later date on the same networks as the distribution rights for both the parts are owned by Paramount Pictures.

is top gun on Netflix or Amazon

Is there a way to watch the old Top Gun film for free?

Unfortunately, there is no way to stream any Top Gun movie for Free as the movie isn’t included on ad supported platform.

Even though, a standard Paramount+ subscription supports ads, it still costs around $4.99 per month and that is not FREE while a premium plan costs $9.99 that will block all the annoying ads.

Paramount plus content library is not that huge as Netflix, Hulu or Prime Video but still it has some popular series like Guilty Party 1883, Queen of the Universe, Halo The Series, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Younger, etc. that you can watch only on Paramount.

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