Is Morbius on Netflix or Disney Plus? Streaming Options available

Morbius is an American superhero 2022 film directed by Swedish director Daniel Espinosa and written by Matt Sazama along with Burk Sharpless.

Based on the Marvel Comics character, the film is about a doctor named Michael who is suffering from a rare blood disorder. In an attempt to discover the cure, he ends up becoming a vampire himself.

The film is produced by Avi Arad, Lucas Foster, and Matt Tolmach under Arad Productions, Matt Tolmach Productions, Columbia Pictures and Marvel Entertainment. Let’s find out the places where you can stream the movie.

Where to watch Morbius online?

Morbius is exclusively streaming on Netflix throughout the world since its premiere on 7 Sep 2022. The film was theatrically released on 1 April 2022 inside US cinemas and after five months of theatrical run, the movie has been released on the streaming giant.

Additionally, you can purchase the movie on Apple iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Microsoft Store, VUDU, AMC on Demand, DirecTV, Google Play, YouTube TV and Redbox.

Is Morbius on Netflix?

Morbius has been recently added in the giant streaming library of Netflix on 7 Sep 2022 inside the United States. Now, you can watch the latest MCU movie along with several other superhero movies as Venom, How I Became A Superhero, Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman, Shazam, etc.

Is Morbius on Netflix

You need to take a Netflix subscription if you want to want to stream the film. Also, you will be able to watch various popular Netflix originals as Money Heist, Cobra Kai Season 6, and others. A basic monthly plan costs around $9.99 per month while the standard plan costs around $15.49 per month.

Can I watch Morbius on Amazon Prime?

The film is not directly streaming for Prime Video subscribers as it is not included in the subscription plan of Amazon Prime but the movie is available to buy from the platform.

Is Morbius movie on Amazon Prime Video

So, existing subscribers still need to purchase the film even though they are having already a valid subscription.

However, you can watch Justice League, Wonder Woman, The Dark Knight, and various other DC movies with a Prime Video subscription.

Is Morbius on Disney Plus?

No, the movie isn’t yet available to stream on Disney+ and is likely to arrive in the future because it is Marvel’s Production.

However, if it will be released on the OTT then Netflix will be the first place where this movie will start premiering since Netflix has signed a deal with Sony in 2021 and it owns the rights to stream any production first.

Morbius movie where to watch

The streaming platform has a huge collection of Marvel movies like all 3 parts of Iron Man, Captain America(2011, 2014), Shang Chi, The Avengers(2012), Ms Marvel(2022), Thor(2011, 2013), etc. So, you won’t be bored on either platform too.

Why Disney is not streaming the MCU movie?

It is really complicated because the latest superhero film which is airing on Netflix is actually belongs to Marvel which is favored by Disney but still some movies are not available to stream on the original network Disney+ itself.

That thing happened because the distribution rights of this movie are owned by SONY which signed a deal with Netflix in 2021 that Netflix will stream their movies after theatrical run.


  • Jared Leto as Dr. Michael
  • Matt Smith as Milo
  • Jared Harris as Dr. Emil Nicholas
  • Joseph Esson as Young Milo
  • Al Madrigal as Alberto “Al” Rodriguez
  • Corey Johnson as Mr. Fox
  • Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes / Vulture
  • Adria Arjona as Martine BancroftH
  • Tyrese Gibson as Simon Stroud


The film follows the life of a doctor named Michael(Jared Leto) who is slowly dying with a rare blood disorder. In an attempt to find a cure, he overdone experiments challenging humanity. As a result, he turned himself into a supernatural entity that he ever heard of in stories, he transformed into a blood thirsty vampire.


It looks great until overdone CGI comes into play, it was great until it was going slowly, and it was awesome with the trailer.

But when you come to watch the actual movie, you will realize how false advertising has been done. The film is pretty cliched but cast members have played their role well. It’s not as bad as it is showed by the critics but simple action.

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