Where is Red Rose filmed? See all places used for shooting

Created and written by Michael & Paul Clarkson, Red Rose is a British horror drama series that has been recently released on Netflix on 15 Feb 2023.

The teenage drama series follows a group of angst teenagers who are obsesed with their smartphones and discovers a deadly app named Rad Rose that is now threatening their lives.

Paul Clarkson, Jamie Campbell, Nawfal Faizullah, Olivia Trench, Mona Qureshi, Joel Wilson, Carissa Hope Lynch, and Michael Clarkson are executive producers, Ramon Salazar is the director.

Camilla Bray is the producer of the series who have produced the series under multi-award-winning production company Eleven. The distribution rights in UK are reserved for BBC Three while International distribution is in the hands of Netflix.

Where was Red Rose filmed?

The BBC and Netflix horror series Red Rose (2022) was filmed in Bolton, Greater Manchester, England, UK in 2022. Filming began in May 2022 and wrapped up in July 2022 covering almost three months.

Most of the interior scenes were done inside Bolton Town Hall located in Victoria Square. Even though, the building is called Town Hall, it has been used as a police station, library, museum, and as a magistrate’s court since last three centuries.

Where was red rose filmed on Netflix

Other notable shooting spots are Panalux at Manchester Road, Smithills Hall located at Smithills Dean Road, and Black Horse Street. The team even setup a production camp at Ye Olde Man & Scythe pub on Churchgate to film the ending of the series.

You can recognize Church road between Kearsley and Farnworth, Adrian Road, Bridge street, Westhoughton, Belmont Road, Scout Road, Wilton Quarries and other well known places of North West England such as Queen’s Park on Chorley New Road.

Clarkson twins have to say that they are thrilled to announce the talented cast members of the series who have brilliantly captured the spirit of the North with their amazing performances. They are doing Bolton and us proud, Clarkson’s added.

Is Red Rose based on a true story?

No, It is important to note that Red Rose is a work of fiction and does not depict any actual events. It is an original story created by Clarkson twins for Netflix and BBC.

Amelia Clarkson starring as Wren in Red Rose series
via Netflix

Creators of the series Paul and Michael Clarkson stated in a recent interview that the story was inspired by some real-life events and other horror series. They always wanted to make a series that sets in their hometown and looks like Scream.

Fans don’t need to worry about the dangerous mobile app that is threatening lives of teenagers because no such app exists in reality. Although, there was a Blue Whale challenge that actually led to the death of several teenagers in 2016.

Who’s in the cast?

Amelia Clarkson and Natalie Blair are starring as two teenage girls, Wren and Ashley who are struggling to cope with their smart technology addiction and are drawn into a dangerous online app that has the power to transform their boring lives.

Ellis Howard as Anthony Ali Khan as Tariq, and Harry Redding is starring as Noah, the trio help Ashley to reveal the truth about the app. Other cast members include:

  • Adam Nagaitis as Rick Bennet
  • Ruaridh Mollica as Patrick Hume
  • Samuel Anderson as Vinny
  • Ashna Rabheru as Jaya Mahajan
  • Silvie Furneaux as Little Jenna
  • Isis Hainsworth as Rochelle Mason
  • Natalie Gavin as Rachel Davies
  • Hannah Griffiths as Big Jenna

What is the plot of Red Rose?

The series follows a group of teenage angst experienced students with varying degrees who dis download an interested app in an attempt to free from their anxiety and smartphone addiction. However, the app turns to be a nightmare for them as it does exact opposite.

All the students have different experiences but they are united with shared struggles like Ashley is struggling in relationships, Tariq is not living to his family expectations, Anthony is trying to figure out his real self while Wren is worried about her place in the world.

Is Red Rose worth watching?

Red Rose is definitely worth watching. It’s a horror series that plays with genre tropes without getting too unpleasant.

The young cast does a solid job, and the Bolton location adds an interesting contrast to the show. It’s funny, surprising, and creepy all at once, making it a great show for those who are looking for a thrill.

Each character has their own dashing personality and motivations, and the interactions between them help to explore the themes of the movie, such as the power of peer pressure and the consequences of technology.

If you love this series then you will also love Midnight Mass and Stranger Things Season 4 that was released on Netflix last year.

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