Where is A Tale of Two Christmases filmed? See Hallmark Cast and Plot Details

A Tale of Two Christmases is the 25th film in the Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas programming event that is set to premiere on 26 Nov at 6 pm on the Hallmark Channel. The movie is directed by Jason Bourque from the scripts of Cylin Busby and Nanci Katz.

Michael Shepard, Kirsten Hansen, Colin Edward Lawrence, and Isabel Frost-Gehardt are executive producers while Andrea Canning is creative consultant for the #XMAS romance movie produced under Flight Road Productions Ltd.

The Chicago based movie is featuring several picturesque locations that will give you Christmas charm but the actual filming locations were quite far from the setting. Yes, you guessed it right, the shooting took place in Canada. Let’s dive into more details.

A Tale of Two Christmases Filming Locations

Production of ‘A Tale of Two Christmases’ wrapped up on 1 Sep 2022 inside Vancouver, British Columbia. Some sources reported that the shooting began in mid August 2022 and lots of paper snow was utilized to film some important scenes.

A Tale of Two Christmases filming locations

The executive producers shared that the movie was shot under the title of Flight Before Christmas in the initial stages but eventually, it was changed to the original title. Even though, it seems weird to wear multiple clothes in the hot month of August but the cast members were determined to play their part best.

Moreover, the cinematographer has perfectly captured the scenes and director Jason’s team has again got success in providing us the best holiday experience we all have been waiting for. Vancouver is the most populous and famous district among Hallmark directors. They chose the place to shoot a film without giving any second thoughts.

Another popular production that took place inside the same district is CBS’s Fire Country and if Julie and the Phantoms season 2 will happen, it will also be filmed in the Canadian province of British Columbia, it’s the best.

Cast of A Tale of Two Christmases

  • Kat Barrell as Emma
  • Beverley Breuer as Deena Peterson
  • Evan Roderick as Max
  • Chandler Massey as Drew
  • Keith MacKechnie as John Peterson
  • Lynn Whyte as Shirley Roberts
  • Vincent Dangerfield as Will
  • Marissa Leong as Holly Matthews
  • Sunita Prasad as Sharice
  • Christian Lagasse as Gate Agent
  • Brittany Hunt as Sarah
  • Jazlyn Onaba as Little Girl
  • Keith Dallas as Cab Driver
  • Craig Meester as Santa
  • Barbara Wallace as Aunt Martha
  • Shaughnessy Redden as Bob Heaton
  • Michael P Northey as Gordon
  • Eduard Witzke as Tree Lot Worker


The movie is about two Christmas experiences of an architect who is planning to return home. For one, she missed her flight and stays in the Windy City to celebrate winter holidays with her new crush Max while for the other one, she reaches to Vermont and reunite with family and a long time friend Drew.

A Tale Of Two Christmases Hallmark cast

A Tale of Two Christmases is set to broadcast on 27 Nov at 2/1c, 1 Dec at 8/7c, 10 Dec at 4/3c only on Hallmark Channel. The cheapest way to watch the channel is by taking Frndly TV subscription.

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