#Xmas Movie Locations, Hallmark Cast, Synopsis

#Xmas is the latest Christmas celebration movie that is set to premiere on 25 Nov 2022 only on Hallmark Channel. The movie is directed by Heather Hawthorn Doyle while the teleplay is written by Emily Baer and Joe Botkin.

Charles Cooper has produced the movie with Ryan Murphy as the executive producer under Hallmark Media Production LLC. Even though, the film story takes place in Los Angeles, the actual filming was done in the favorite shooting location of Crown Media.

Can you guess it? Let us see at the exact locations now.

Where was #Xmas filmed?

Hallmark’s #XMAS was filmed in and around Vancouver district of British Columbia, Canada. Filming began at the end of Sep 2022 and wrapped up on 5 Oct 2022. The shooting was done by the same cinematographer Melissa Ward who has also filmed In Merry Measure in 2022.

Where was #XMas movie filmed
Claire Bowen from Hallmark’s Sand Dollar Cove movie

One of the titular casting character Clare Bowen has shared a group photo on the set in which she is looking so happy and energetic. Other cast members also updated their stories while the filming was ongoing in Oct and are now saying that it was a beautiful experience.

Vancouver is the most populous city of British Columbia located in the the lower mainland region of BC and the western side of Canada. Fraser Valley is another popular shooting location among Hallmark filmmakers. Some recent productions are Long Lost Christmas, Inventing the Christmas Prince, Falling for Christmas, etc.


The made for television comedy drama movie is about an aspiring interior designer Jen who is famous for doing the best Christmas projects in her town. When she get a chance to participate in the grand contest organized by the premiere design band Hygge Home, she become excited but it seems Jen is not happy.

#Xmas movie story and cast

She’s good in her work and would have won the competition already if the judges have to made the decisions with a few live designs but this competition is focused on getting more social media attention. How will she able to get more eyeballs to push her likes and shares? Will her best friend Max come for help?

Who is casting in #XMAS movie?

  • Clare Bowen as Jen
  • Brant Daugherty as Max
  • Karen Kruper as Liz
  • William MacDonald as Jack Faison
  • Sebastian Stewart as Charlie
  • Erin Aubrey as Passerby
  • Matt Clarke as Brad
  • Lillian Doucet-Roche as Zoe
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