Where can I watch The Basketball Diaries 2022?

When it comes to successful biography films of 1990s then The Basketball Diaries is an unforgettable gem starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The movie hit the U.S. cinemas in 1995 and is rated 7.3 out of 10 on IMDb and 4.6/5 on Amazon.

Based on the memoir of an American author and a promising high school basketball player Jim Carroll who develops an addiction to heroin in his early age.

There was a time when no streaming service in the US was having this movie but now, the film is available digitally. Let’s find out the network which is having this marvelous film.

Is The Basketball Diaries on Netflix 2022?

Nope, the biographical drama film is not streaming on Netflix right now. Even though, the streaming giant has an extensive content library of biographical films and television shows like Dahmer, Legend, The Good Nurse, Father Stu, The Imitation Game, Critical Thinking, The Watcher, Blonde, Margin Call, etc., but the Basketball Diaries netflix is not just a part of it.

The Basketball Diaries 2022 Netflix

Does Amazon have Basketball Diaries?

Yeah, The Basketball Diaries is exclusively streaming on Amazon Prime Video inside the United States. You can either take a monthly subscription that costs around $14.99/month (plus applicable taxes) or an annual subscription of $139/year to access the film.

The Basketball Diaries Amazon Prime

Other than that, you can watch various other similar movies within the same subsription as A Beautiful Mind, Lone Survivor, The Fighter, Into the Wild, The Blind Side, Unbroken, The Everest, Harriet, House of Gucci, Bleed for This, American Sniper, Thirteen Lives, etc.

Where to watch The Basketball Diaries?

Lately, the movie started streaming on Prime Video but in Dec 2022, no streaming service is having the basketball diaries. Neither it is included on any OTT platform’s subscription nor it is available digitally for renting or purchase at some additional price.

Basketball Diaries where to watch 2022
Amazon Prime

So, how will you watch this movie if it is not streaming anywhere? Is there a way to watch the movie online?

The short answer is, a Big No. You cannot watch the movie online as it is not available on any streaming service but you can access the physical copy of the film in the form of CD/DVD. If you are having a laptop or DVD player then you can insert the disk and play it to watch the movie.

About Basketball Diaries

The movie is about a teenage boy named Jim who gets addicted to heroin after being pressurized by a wicked coach who is dying of leukemia and a concerned mother. Eventually, his destination as a basketball star slowly shifts to an addicted guy wandering in the streets of New York City in search of heroin.

However, there seems to be an old neighbor friend and hoops partner Reggie who is on the road to lift him up so that Jim can proceed in the long journey of becoming an author.

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