The World’s finest assassin gets Reincarnated in Another World Episode 10 Release Date, Countdown, Spoilers, Preview, Watch Online

The World’s Finest Assassin episode 10 release date has been announced now and release times will vary according to your geographical location. The English subbed version with original Japanese audio will be available to stream on Crunchyroll worldwide while the Japanese viewers can enjoy watching the series on various JP channels. World’s finest assassin gets reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat is an adult fantasy anime series directed by Masafumi Tamura and written by Kenichi Kuroda. The story is inspired from the Japanese light novel series Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei Suru that is authored by Rui Tsukiyo.

The World’s Finest Assassin Episode 10 Release Date and Time

The World’s Finest Assassin Episode 10 titled ‘First of Dates‘ will be released on Wed, 8 December 2021 at 11:00 AM EDT only on Crunchyroll. The episode will simulcast on various Japanese channels at different timings as AT-X(23:00 JST), TVA, Tokyo MX, SUN, KBS Kyoto, and BS NTV. Sekai Saikō no Ansatsusha anime TV series is developed by Silver Link and Studio Palette production houses.

The World's finest Assassin Episode 10 release date countdown

World’s Finest Assassin Ep 10 Release Time will vary in different regions worldwide:

  • Pacific Time: 07:30 AM PT (December 8)
  • Central Time: 09:30 AM CT(December 8)
  • Eastern Time: 10:30 AM EDT inside United States (December 8)
  • British Time(For UK viewers): 03:30 PM BST(December 8)
  • European Time: 5:30 PM CET(December 8)
  • Indian Time: 10:00 PM IST(December 8)
  • Australian Time: 03:30 AM AEDT(December 8)

World’s Finest Assassin Episode 9 Explained

Finest Assassin Ep 9 begins with Lugh’s father telling him about his next mission to assassinate a noble who is selling military secrets and supplying drugs in their territory. In the morning, Lugh wakes up and finds his mom entering into the room. She already knows his darkest secret when he was staying as Ilig Balor in Malteu. Talt has revealed everything in detail that Lugh Tuatha De was having nightfall on while sleeping with her and Maha.

The World's Finest Assassin episode 9 explained

After having some fun, Lugh went to investigate more about the drug supplier with Tart and come through a girl who was carrying drugs for her addicted woman. Lugh healed so that she doesn’t needs drug but the psychological condition was only be cured by the woman herself. Later on, Lugh went Malteu and Maha takes her to the place of noble Count Asba Vencour. After convincing his wife to try out new products, Lugh carefully examined his target.

Finally, Lugh completed his first assassination by inventing a sniper rifle but this time Lugh was feeling disheartened. However, Talt helped him retreating and Lugh decides to never regret his decision.

The World’s Finest Assassin Episode 10 Spoilers

Lugh’s first assassination in the world of swords and magic is successfully finished. There is no concept of gun in this world and the bullet that pierced through Asba’s body was disappeared after 10 seconds so the tracing is not possible. This assassination also makes sure that anybody can be execute even if someone is an aristocrat. Most of the chances are in the Lugh’s favor as weapons are not invented in this world but if someone investigate through this concept then there will be revolt against royal family. However, without any solid evidence against Lugh no one can blame the Tuatha de family. Lugh’s father will also talk to him to know more the noble takedown.

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