The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Expected Plot

The Lincoln Lawyer season 3 was announced in August 2023 right after the premiere of season 2 part 2 finale in the same month. Netflix swiftly renewed the series without giving a second thought as the novel based psychological drama series has gained a massive fan-following since it’s arrival.

Based on Michael Connelly’s bestselling novels, The Lincoln Lawyer is an American legal drama television series that follows an iconoclastic idealist named Mickey Haller, who runs his law practice in the back of his Lincoln Town car.

His boring life changes completely when the famous Hollywood lawyer Jerry Vincent is murdered and he is assigned all of his cases, including the defense of a tech billionaire, Trevor Elliott. The mystery crime drama is developed by Ted Humphrey and created for TV by David E Kelly. became an instant hit when it premiered on Netflix in May 2022.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Release Date

While Netflix has made the official statement regarding the series future, the streaming giant has yet to announce an official release date for The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3, there are a few clues that suggest a potential timeframe. The first season premiered in May 2022, with the second season following suit in June 2023.

The Lincoln Lawyer season 3 release date on Netflix
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Season 2 began filming in October 2022 in Los Angeles and premiered in June 2023. If the same production schedule is followed, we can expect season 3 filming to start sometime in late 2023 after second part of season 2 drops on Netflix in August 2023.

Based on this pattern, the third season could arrive sometime in mid-2024 and it will be released in two parts like the second season of this legal drama series. Each part will have five episodes with an hour long duration and available for streaming on Netflix.

Who will be in the cast of The Lincoln Lawyer season 3?

The series stars Manuel Garcia-Rulfo in the lead role of Mickey Haller, Neve Campbell as his first ex-wife Maggie, Becki Newton as his second ex-wife Lorna, and Jazz Raycole as his assistant Izzy. Angus Sampson also plays a key role as Mickey’s investigator Cisco.

At the time of writing, no details have been released by Netflix about the cast members of The Lincoln Lawyer season 3 but it is safe to assume that the main cast members will reprise their roles. There will be some new additions as well to shake up the dynamics like we saw in the second season.

Is there a trailer for The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3?

A trailer for the upcoming season of Lincoln Lawyer has not released yet, but as the release date draws closer, it’s likely that Netflix will release a small teaser or trailer to generate excitement for the new season.

What to expect from The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3?

Season 1 was based on Michael Connelly’s second Haller novel “The Brass Verdict”, while season 2 adapts the fifth book “The Fifth Witness”. For season 3, the show may follow the storylines of the fourth Haller novel “The Reversal” or the sixth book “The Gods of Guilt”.

At the end of season 1, Mickey took on a new high-profile murder case for a video game developer accused of killing his wife and her lover. In the finale of season 2, Mickey Haller successfully defenda Lisa Trammell against the murder charge of Mitchell Bondurant.

The Lincoln Lawyer season 3 plot
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The season ends with Mickey taking on a new client, Julian La Cosse, who is accused of murdering his friend. Julian’s name was given to Mickey by Giselle Dallinger, a woman who was recently killed. Mickey is unaware that Giselle Dallinger is actually his former client Gloria Dayton, whom he recently identified at the morgue.

While the specifics are unclear, we can expect more tricky legal cases, suspenseful twists, and drama in Mickey’s personal life with his loved ones in season 3. Fans are eager to see more courtroom antics from the unconventional lawyer who operates out of his Lincoln Town Car.

The Lincoln Lawyer has proven to be a gripping legal drama with a unique spin thanks to Mickey Haller’s maverick ways. With season 2 on the horizon, viewers are excited to see what is next in store for the slippery lawyer. The season 3 has the potential to be even more thrilling and binge-worthy.

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