The Heart Guy Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Watch Online

The Heart Guy Season 5 release date is counting since the arrival of season 4 in December 2019. The Australian sitcom moves around the story of a cardiologist, Dr. Knight who is struggling with his ego and attitude. However, he is now practicing as a general physician after losing his license to perform surgery. The show is receiving appreciation from all over the world and has released 4 reasons so far.

The Heart Guy Season 5 Release Date & Time

The Heart Guy Season 5 or Doctor Doctor S5 released in 28 April 2021 on the official streaming platform, Nine Network. New episodes are streaming every Wednesdays on 8:30 PM on Channel 9. There is a total of 8 episodes with an average length of 45 minutes. It will also available to watch on Acorn TV and UK’s Drama Channel but the release date on these platforms is still not known.

The Heart Guy Season 5 countdown

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  • Rodger Corser as Dr. Hugh Knight
  • Charlie Knight as Nicole da Silva/Knight’s former girlfriend who becomes wife of Matt
  • Ryan Johnson as Matt/Knight’s brother
  • Tina Bursill as Meryl/Matriarch of the Knight family who aims to be a mayor
  • Chloe Bayliss as Hayley
  • Dustin Clare as Jarrod
  • Hayley McElhinney as Penny Cartwright
  • Matt Castley as Ajax

Some new characters will be introduced in the 5th season of Doctor Doctor as Darren McMullen, Chantelle Jamieson, Zoe Ventoura, John Waters, and Lincoln Younes. See if Ginny and Georgia renewed renewed for a second season?


The Heart Guy Season 5 is the funniest show on television. I don’t need it to ever finish. I favored it higher than Downton Abby. Much extra enjoyable. It’s acquired to be my favorite show of all occasions. I’ve really useful it to many buddies that may not wait to complete dinner and switch into one other episode.

The Heart Guy Season 5 simply humorous. And all of us certain want fun in the course of the coronavirus. I can’t consider a greater way to spend the night. Doc Martin, one other nice show went about 10-12 Seasons. Please let this one final not less than that lengthy!

The city of Whyhope is in disaster with the current bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic, issues are set to escalate. Hugh has determined the time has come to return to Sydney and resume his profession as a coronary heart surgeon, that’s till a variety of issues start to floor, bringing his plans to a halt.

The Heart Guy (Doctor Doctor) Season 5 Episodes List

S5.Ep1 To Me, To You(28 April 2021)

The first episode of The Heart Guy Season 5 focus on the Hugh’s plan to leave Whylope but it has been thrown into chaos when the hospital is forced to lockdown. On the other hand, Meryl is presented in front of prosecutors for investigation on some legal issues.

S5.Ep2 It Had to Be You(5 May 2021)

Hugh Knight and Penny Cartwright set their differences aside and come together to fight for the rights of a sick young mother. Meryl pulls Hayley in the matter of her investigation as she is trying to hide the evidence of her corruption from Sharma.

S5.Ep3 The Unbearable Lightness Of Being In Whyhope(12 May 2021)

Sharma, the Whyhope Council admin is trying to clean the matters in Whyhope to save his reputation of her area but this only pushes Ken, Meryl, and Betty into chaos. Hugh and Penny plays a move and lock horns in the hospital.

S5.Ep4 The Things We Do For Love(19 May 2021)

The Heart Guy Season 5 episode 4 focusses on the escalation of Hugh’s romance with Sharma when she threatens him to lockdown the hospital. It is really interesting to see how Hugh is handling the situation. On the other side, Charlie, the primary school teacher is executing her plan to solve Meryl’s corruption case and help Wes’s family.

S5.Ep5 Bridge Over Troubled Water(26 May 2021)

This episode is really like a bridge for Hugh when he has to choose between Meryl and Sharma as Meryl threats to destroy Sharma’s career. Also, Ken reveals some unheard truth about him when he visited Whyhope for the first time with his family. Hayley is also having a tough day when she has broken all the 10 commandments in a single day for the first time.

S5.Ep6 Reasonable Doubt (2 June 2021)

Penny have to choose between her supervisor love, Hugh and her loyalty to the hospital. Meryl, who was threatening to ruin Sharma’s career is under trial and her case has taken an unexpected turn. Also, Ajax is taking the stand for her to win Hayley’s heart.

S5.Ep7 A Ghost In The Heart(16 June 2021)

Ajax made an attempt to get together with Hayley by revealing his gambling addiction to her but no avail. Meryl agrees to date Michael but her mood swings suddenly with the image of her past. Also, the son of Penny ran away from the boarding school and comeback in Whyhope. Hugh expressed his feelings in front of Floyd for his love for Penny and he also got a job offer from Sydney which he accepts happily. But Floyd goes missing again.

S5.Ep8 Save The Best For Last(23 June 2021)

This episode will throw light on Ajax and Hayley’s relationship that they will become one or not. Also, Floyd is missing once again, who will discover him now? Hugh has to take the chance and confront Penny, he can impress her by showing some love for her son. He is now having a job in Sydney where he can stay away from the controversies of Whyhope.

What do you think about the heart guy season 5? It’s an amazing show to watch.

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